What have you seen lately?


Jessica Jones now cancelled. So that’s all of them… I honestly have no idea how or why or what will happen to them all.

Unless Disney have changed their stance on Mature content for their streaming service.


Just finished the umbrella academy. It’s fucking class!!


Rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise with the intention of rewatching Voyager after then maybe have another go getting to the end of DS9 around watching Discovery each week.

Digging through the credits of each episode I’m always amazed by just how much of a spider web the cast is between the various Star Treks and many, many other shows. We just watched the Enterprise episode ‘Judgement’ and looked up J.G. Hertzler who plays Archer’s Klingon advocate and also plays a random Klingon Captain (totally different character) in a later season - oh yeah, and he’s also:

  • Martok for 27 episodes in DS9 and in the Star Trek Armada games and Star Trek Online
  • A Hirogen Hunter in Voyager
  • Lurok in Star Trek: Elite Force 2 game

He’s also credited in two other Star Trek projects including Axanar.

Jeffery Combs plays Shran in Enterprise and STO but also plays Krem in a later episode, Weyoun in DS9, Suldok in Elite Force 2 and Penk in Voyager.

Vaughn Armstrong plays Admiral Maxwell, a Kreetassan and a Klingon in Enterprise, a Korath, Horigen, Vidiian, Borg and a character called Telek in Voyager, Sesjak and Gul Danar in DS9 and Commander Korris in TNG.

All three of them have also appeared Criminal Minds with Vaughn appearing twice as two different characters!

I love following the web of characters each of the actors has played.


Jeffrey Combs is fantastic. He does some good voicework on Tigtone if you haven’t seen it. That’s what I’ve watched recently.

One of the earliest TNG episodes guest stars both Khan’s second in command and David from Star Trek 2, as opposing leaders. I’m keen to see what they come up with for the new Picard based show, but details seem to be thin on the ground.


I’ve never heard of Tigtone, I’ll check it out!

Combs won me around in Reanimator and Frighteners, it actually took me ages to realise he was Weyoun in DS9 and then it all fell in to place, with some of the similar facial expressions, guestures and body language as his character in Frighteners, obviously minus the hemorrhoids.

I’ll have to go look at the IMDB for those epidoes, I never spotted that in all my watches.


Judson Scott and Merritt Butrick. No idea if they would’ve actually filmed together on Wrath of Khan as all the reliant scenes were filmed before or after the enterprise ones using a redress of the same set. Pretty good dynamic between Shatner and Montalban given they didn’t film anything together.

I rewatched Battle Beyond the Stars yesterday; it’s score is also by James Horner and there are parts of it that strongly resemble both wrath of khan and aliens, so despite it having Hannibal from the a-team as a space cowboy trucker with a whisky dispensing belt buckle and Robert Vaughn as the character BBtS ripped off from Robert Vaughn’s character in Magnificent Seven, it pulled some weird nostalgia strings.



Damn you @vredesbyrd now I want to go on a Star Trek binge.

@adrock the details are a bit thin on the ground for the picard show, i fear that I am not going to like it as it explores his ghosts of the borg, or his whole life that he lived inside that alien probe when he learned to play that flute, about living his life out tending the vinyard. I hope they will bring in some of the aspects of the “all good things” episode with him getting diagnosed with some mental illness. Wait was that real timeline or an alternate one??


the ressican flute!

the all good things one was a potential future that in theory has been averted due to other canon stuff since. though some of that’d be from the film universe.

alternate universe one where he’s just a junior grade science officer?

it’s set in 2399, so appropriately around 30 years after TNG was set/filmed.

i’d pay money to see a series that was just Picard playing out all the Dixon Hill detective stuff in the holodeck. Just have it be a period procedural comedy drama with zero stakes because it’s all simulated.


Oh shit this, so much this!

Every episode can end with him putting his hat and jacket on the stand and him walking through the arch or after a thoughtful moment sat at his desk lit by only his desk lamp which he switches off as he stands up, darkening the room then lighting back up again as he walks through the arch, silhouetted by the light from the ship.


I thought he said on Graham Norton show that it was set 19 years after Next Gen. Ahh 19 years after he last playe picard around Nemesis I guess. Series finished about 194 wasnt it? So yeah. makes sense now.


Loved that film, watched it so many times. It wasn’t until about the third time I watched it that I realised the ship Richard Thomas is in has a massive pair of tits. As for Vaughn’s character I thought that was deliberate, I mean the film is just Seven Samurai in space! Loved it.


I caught about 10 minutes of Kate watching it this morning and I’m actually quite interested. Kate finished the episode and said she thinks its a definite watch for us!


Honestly mate best think I have watched in years. Actually annoyed I’ve finished it so quick


I am not a fan of this fucking pacing.

It feels like I’m watching Lost - it just isn’t going anywhere any time soon but keeps drip feeding tantalising little nibbles…



I loved the pacing and the way it builds each character


Tonight I took Aerin to see The Kid who would be King - enjoyable but not as good as I was hoping it would be. Came home and discovered that Better Off Dead (yes, the 80’s John Cusack film) is on Youtube, for free, in its entirety, so we all watched that and frankly it’s still a better film. Which is to say it’s really good :+1:


Argh, its got proper Lost syndrome for me, having a hard time enjoying it properly because nothing seems to happen in an episode and I don’t really feel like I learn new things about characters, more like I’m being teased with something new. Enough is enjoyable for me to keep watching but christ its aggravating me!


New series of Strike Back on Sky now! Silent war. 2 episodes in i think. Just watching first one now. @VirulentPip


Yup I have a few episodes on Plex to watch… Been announced that there will be one more after this season and be the final. However they said this last time before a two year break haha


Been watching the Hasahn Minaj Netflix show Patriot Act - really good if you’re into political humour, even if it is mostly (but not entirely) American…