What have you seen lately?


Big movies this year so far were Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Ghost In the Shell and the new Blade Runner. Guardians was fantastic, the music is again brilliant, lots of classic Rock songs I already adored and the same whitty humor. Surely the story is a bit thin and easily foreseeable, but I still liked it very much. Its one of the few comic book movies I look forward to as they have noit this typically feel that 50% of the movie is advertisement for the next movie.

Ghost in The Shell was what I expected. A hollywoodyfied version of my beloved franchise. As they tried really hard to go a different route with the movie, they tried even harder to recaptcher scenes almost frame by frame from the initial movie. Its a shell of a movie, which doesn’t understand what it wants to be, tries to lure you in with visuals but falls fat on its face to build a convincing universe for the character it builds up. On the side it also tries to make its ideas and concept very clear to the viewer. You never have to think for yourself to understand the story, it is presented on a silver plate and thats one of the biggest advantages of the old animation. You can rewatch it over and over and still find new clues. Its a good movie, a decent punk fiction movie too, but it fails at essential parts what made the original animation so good.

Blade Runner, while being slow paced, exactly like the first one, does a good job of telling a convincing story, or explaining an idea. I liked the symbolism in it. Still, it makes a similar mistake as GITS in focusing a bit too much on the “main character”, but lucky enough not enough to make it a big deal. You still have enough world building in it to make it believable. Furthermore there are enough clues in the movie so you can come back and discover new things while rewatching. Unfortunately some aspects are a bit too obvious explained with those “flashbacks” you see every now and then and takes away a bit of the fun discovering it for yourself.

New Spiderman, different approach to the standard Spiderman formular. Slightly different twists to its story, not redoing the whole dumb background and where he came from, but it feels like a cheap advertisement for the Avengers.


The Orville - fantastic humor and very similar feel to it as the old Star Trek movies

Star Trek Discovery - is essentially like the new full time movies, action spectacles with a splash of Star Trek in there, but almost no discovering, explorations or science stuff, everything which made the original TV series so good. Its still nice to watch but I’m usually far more excited for the next Orville episode

Mindhunters - loved it, watched it over last week. If you like books from Simon Beckett for example, or Crime Fiction books in general give it a go

The Expense - its fucking glorious, nice middle way of SciFi and action

Thor: Ragnarok 9/10 One of the best Marvel movies you will see! Great story, very funny and just a bloody good watch! Korg is bloody brilliant, as is Hulk.

EDIT Keep an eye out for the cameos! they are brilliant!


Well, thanks to Alex I’ve been smashing;

Luke cage (very good if a little slow)
Iron Fist (poor, a real shame, such a waste of potential. I’ve stopped about 6 episodes in)
Rick and Morty (Hallelujah!!!)
The Epanse (first ep, excellent promise)
Stranger Things (season 2, up to ep 4, this is one of the best tv shows I’ve ever seen)
Bladerunner 2049 at the cinema (beautiful, long, ponderous, a great achievement but possibly an acquired taste. Loved it)
Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel into full “post Gaurdians of the Galaxy” swing) pure fun and expertly done. These are the kinds of films Michael Bay wishes he could make.
Mindhunter (ist ep) - this blew me away and after one episode is already a strong contender for best tv series ever ever (;)) The thing seems to summarise my constant “id vs ego” struggle of calm intelligent man vs emotional brute force idiot, as the FBI begins to look at new ways of understanding the serial killer mind in the late 70’s. Incredible viewing.

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American Made - I hate Tom Cruise but it is a hell of a movie.

Been meaning to watch that, could be this weekend sorted.

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Stranger things 2.

Holy shit, easily my favourite TV on atm. Great mysteries, fantastic cast, great atmosphere. Just brilliant fun.

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@Hammy went into work today and spoke to guy I sit next to. He went to see Thor over the weekend. “Anygood I asked?” Expecting an enthusiastic response like you had, “pish” he replied. lol

Can see how some people wouldnt like it @Scottyboy it is different to all the other marvel movies


Watched Blade Runner there other day, it’s long but very good and definitely stands up with the original. Next on my list to see is Thor: Ragnarok as it’s supposed to be very funny, and The Snowman, only because I love the Harry Holé novels and i’m interested to see how this will translate to film.


Just going to mention Stranger Things, if you haven’t seen it then I recommend it. I’ve nearly finished the second series.
I’ve been watching Discovery but I i’m kind of getting tired of it.
The Ozarks was very good and had some great black humor in it.
I’d also recommend Start Up, which I wasn’t sure about at first, but it just gets better as it goes on.


Just to manage your expectation - I’ve read terrible things about it, including the director saying that due to a rushed production about 15% of the script wasn’t filmed…

““It happened very abruptly,” he said. “Suddenly we got notice that we had the money and could start the shoot in London… Our shoot time in Norway was way too short. We didn’t get the whole story with us and when we started cutting we discovered that a lot was missing… It’s like when you’re making a big jigsaw puzzle and a few pieces are missing so you don’t see the whole picture.””

One of many sources

I think I might leave that one till it’s out on DVD. That makes a lot of sense as one of the reviews I read said it was all over the place and some parts didn’t make sense.

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Watched the first 4 eps of Marvels’s Punisher series last night - good start and it gets better. Very enjoyable in a “should I be liking this?” kind of way :wink:

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I watched the first 3 episodes last night. Slow enough start with background, mixed up with incredibly violence every now and then :smiley:

So far, so good.

Watched the new Thor a while ago, big positive suprise. It seems like they used the 1st Thors humor dialed it up to eleven and added some self awarenes to it (similar to Guardians of the Galaxy). I really enjoyed it, suprisingly good mixture of character building and action scenes for a Marvel movie with lots of cheesy moments thrown in for fun.

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Up to number 8 in the punisher (joys of coming home early sick) enjoying it! Doesn’t feel like a marvel production but in a good way.


We finished this 2 nights ago - even wifey enjoyed it! I was starting to get a bit annoyed with how often he lets himself get shot though…his real superhero name should The Seive

I’d go for the Collinder!

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Watched a few movies on the plane to OZ. Had plenty of time.

Baby Driver - Awesome movie. Great soundtrack good story.

The Circle - Could be apple, facebook, google. Girl gets dream job at big firm and has to quickly become a social media monster. Volunteers to take part in an experiment to make her life completely visible online. Good movie. Could be a worrying glimpse into the future of social media/data privacy.

The Latest Planet of the Apes movie! More Ape action. Quite enjoyed this one. Felt for the monkeys so I did.

Free Fire - Seventies arms deal caper ends up in half arsed gun fight in disused warehouse. IRA buying of some South African gun runner. Good laugh not too serious.

Latest Transformer Movie - Already cant remember it.

Focus - Will smith con artist falls for girl, gets destracted from con, goes wrong etc. Mildly amusing and just held my attention.

Dark Tower - Kinda weird Cowboy meets the devil in the guise of an intergalactic kiddy snatcher. Was ok to pass the time.

Life - Predictable alien let loose on ISS type romp. Clever little thing.

LOGAN - Jolly Good.

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Watched a couple of Cartel / DEA / undercover-based films (via netflicks, I believe), enjoyed both plenty.

Best film, by a looooooooooooooooong way, taht I’ve seen in a while (and will watch again as there is SO much going on) - Despicable me 3. I LMAO a LOT. Credit to THE most pissed off looking baby ever shown on tv!!!

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This crazy assed trailer for the next Hideo Kojima project;

Link to article on it;

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