What have you seen lately?

Just finished Jack Ryan season two that was a thrilling ride! loved it.


Might have to give it a watch. After watching Patriot Games and then Clear and Present Danger I read Without Remorse, which is all about John Clark, like an origin story. Very basic “you picked on the wrong guy” revenge stuff but wonderfully done. Made me want more of William Dafoe as Clark. I’m guessing they’re making Ryan an uber field operative in this, replacing the role of Clerk?

You will have to wait and see young padawan

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Really enjoyed Joker. Agreed, Phoenix was outstanding. Although you kinda know the outcome, glad to see the trailer didn’t give away all the juicy bits.


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Just finished Daybreak on Netflix. Bloody good show!

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Joker - A damn good film. A slow and pondering start to it all, but fucking hell what a performance by Phoenix. Don’t expect a Dark Knight style of Joker, this is certainly more grounded in reality in terms of how he behaves and comes around to “being” Joker.
A great film, but certainly going to be a marmite thing for most people.

Terminator: Dark Fate - Easily the best one since Terminator 2. Solid action, lots of fun throwbacks to T2 (anyone else notice the music from the biker bar?). It seems to have far better continuity throughout in comparison to some of the others, though I think this one does away with T3, Salvation and Genisys.

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Bits in the early episodes were a little off putting, but I stuck it out and really enjoyed it. The soundtrack is great and all the Ferris Bueller stuff is right up my ally (Ferris himself too!).

Never seen any of the Ferris stuff if I’m honest. Loved the sound track and all the little references to modern culture and throw backs to all the 80s classics

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Ok now I HAVE to watch this…

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Just finished watching Pennyworth on Amazon, top notch series. Basically covering Alfred from batman as a young man, introducing Thomas Wayne as well circa 1960’s.

Mandalorian is pretty great!


Watched “The Irishman” last night. Very, very good. Pesci is incredible in it. In avoiding spoilers I’d completely missed that it’s a true story - I knew Hoffa made an appearance, the rest was a wonderful surprise.


How are folks watching Mandalorian btw? Any recommends gratefully hidden away in my pocket…

Personally loving it!! Need MOAR already half way.

Oh how…

Erm… the way that involves news and some groups

im loving the mando! i find my files with a torrent of rain wink wink

The Irishman was very good.
Watched the Joker, it was a good movie just made me feel really fucked up.

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Same, it was a bit unreal how similar it is to recent developments. It was so believable written it made me really uncomfortable especially the murder scene in his apartment. Really good movie in that regard, probably won’t rewatch it immediately.

I still believe Leath Hedger was the better Joker, by far. Can’t describe it, Hedger seemed like he was Joker, Phoenix felt like he was following the idea of what he should portray. Does that make sense?

Just watched Code 8 (The 2019 film based on the short), really enjoyed it and heard they’ll be doing a spin off TV show too :ok_hand:

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6 Underground on Netflix. Holy shit, great film!