What have you seen lately?


The trailers just get more and more awesome :smiley:


Sadly its console only…



indeedly, bugger


Saw Thor Ragnarok. Holy shit, that film is funny. Was a great watch. Fight scenes were pretty awesome to boot :slight_smile:


Just watched mother! Holy shit that was.
… A waste of 2 hours.


I watched the new star wars last night
Didn’t get in till 4am an was up for work at 6am
So fekin worth it thou was like 3 films in one amazing bits
Breathtaking silence in the cinema bit
What the arrow in knee was that bits
Some odd humour scattered in
Just goodness
Am not even that much of a fan but glad I watched it


The new Star Wars is pretty meh


Finished watching all of Mindhunter - holy crap what a great series. Really looking forward to where they go next season which is going to be set a few years later, coming into the 80’s…


The final series of the Tunnel started last night, have it recorded to watch over my holiday :smiley:


Saw that new space sword laser movie last night. Was alright, middle section was really sluggish but the start and end made up for it.

Don’t get all the hate to be honest. Clearly doing its own thing. But it ain’t no classic.


I agree with this statement, but do you not think the last bit after the bunker, could have been the start of the next movie?


I think it would have been, but it’s a great parting shot.

The thing is they’ve proper set up the last film for something epic…I just don’t think they’ll quite pull it off as its Mr Abrams heading it.

Not gonna get spoilery about it, but I got what they were trying to do for the franchise as a whole throughout. The execution was a little off though.

Still good fun mind!


I liked it, didnt love it and it is still buggy me why I didnt love it. Just something about the whole thing was off. Saying that, I fecking loved the opening scene!


Just watched Bright on Netflix, really enjoyed it! I hope they expand on the world they have created.


Been off sick last couple of days, one thing that allows for is TV binging.

Just watched on Netflix
Manhunt:Unabomber. Brilliant show about an FBI behavior analyst’s obsession with catching the Unabomber

This in turn put me onto Mindhunters. Another Netflix original, set in the seventies exploring the formation of the FBI’s behavioral profiling practices. 2 very different agents working together on an education program for local police use there spare time to try and help solve some local cases which spirals into interviewing and understanding notorious serial killers and starting to classify their behavior.

Both great shows. Left wanting for more.


Finally watched hacksaw ridge. What a movie! Did not believe it was based on a true story!


I think this is one of those cases where you can legitimately use the word hero. Questionable sanity aside :wink:


Agrees, though how much was over exaggerated for the movie is debatable but even still what a fucking Looney bin of a hero!


Yep is a great film to watch


Watched The Last Ship season 4 over the weekend, great watch as always :smiley: