What have you seen lately?

Just finished Bulletproof South Africa (Season 3) Hella awesome, still cannot get enough of the Ashley and Noel dynamics!

Shall now impatiently wait for the next proper season.

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Absolutely this.

They’re great together and both are very likeable.

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Wanna Vision. Cant decide if I like it or not!!


Many episodes you watched? To be fair they ain’t on long. But seem to be getting longer.

Watched up to 5 this morning

Cannae mind if that’s upto date or not. I was a bit dubious at first bit it has been building a nice air of curiosity about it.

Seal Team season 4. Woop woop. 1 episode in. Gonna have to wait till weenesdaya though for new ones.


1 or 2 ? As it’s a dooble ep God of War (1) Forever War (2)

Only released 1 episode. Have to wait to next week for conclusion on Sky.

Holy shit that’s savage!

Yip!. Kinda the way things are at mo with covid. Guess Network’s amd platforms have to make their content last as a break in production delayed new stuff. I’m in two kinds to just wait ams binge em all.

We gave up on WandaVision after the first episode.

Finished up The Expanse latest season. Good stuff, better than the last if a little short. Shame about Alex Kamal but a POS is a POS.

No more Gina Corano in Mandalorian.

Just started Blacklist and have got to say, I have no idea why it has taken me this long. I think either @Scottyboy or @MicJules tried to get me to watch it and just never got around to it. Binged 13 episodes since yesterday already!


I liked blacklist in the early days. Never saw it through though. Been on my radar again to pick back up and now that you mention it I wreckon I may just have to.

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Don’t give up on WandaVison. It’s a lot more seems.

Series 8 on Blacklist now… stick with it but the early series are excellent


Watched Love and Monsters last night, enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:


cool. Like the sound of that. One for the list.

I watched the next episode of seal team. Was worried for that doggy. Have to say with the end of the episode I am really curious where this season is going to go.