What have you seen lately?


Almost done season 2 on that one :slight_smile:


It’s so daft, but such fun! :smiley:


Being stuck on my back for a week, I’ve watched all the Harry Potters on BR. Again.

Finally got around to watching Legend. Tom Hardy does a great job at playing both brothers - giving each a really different feel. Then watched the original Kray’s film too with the Kemp bros.

After watching the very start of Guardians of the Galaxy II at Caoland - I figured that it’d be something that both Hayley and me would enjoy… but would want to watch the first one first… except no bloody service seems to be streaming it (checked Amazon/NOWTV/Netflix). Probably will end up buying it.


A lot of the cast said that they felt genuinely uncomfortable when Hardy came on set as Ronnie.


Get showbox if you have android and it will be on it


^^^^^^^^^ lots of this^^^^^^^^^


Saw both a while ago too, first Mindhunters then Unabomber. Great shows, I hope they do a 2nd season for both of them.

I started watching Dragon Ball Super, catching up with some of the story for the upcoming Fighter game. I kinda stopped half way through GT when I was younger as it wasn’t too good. Suprised how good this show is, the animation quality is a step up from DBZ and the story and presentation is on par I would say or even better. Its crazy chessy, but I wouldn’t expect antyhing else from DB.

I watched Scorpion on Netflix too, the 1st season was kinda enjoyable but now its a friggin shit show. It makes me laugh half the time with how ridicolous “the scientific solutions” are they come up with, the character interaction or simply the dialogue are cringeworthy too. Would make for a good drinking game :smiley:.


Looking forward to this SIX. Trailer shows this as on History but is starting on 5 Spike this Friday night.


New movie.


Anyone watch Fauda? Its on Netflix.

Only watched the first episode and a bit of second. Looks good. It is set in Israel/Palestine. Tracks a special ops team as they go on missions into Palestine to snatch “terrorists”. I think from the bit I have seen of the second episode it also shows the escalation of feeling of the families and friends of those targeted and how it breeds further acts.

I think it is dubbed in English but I am watching it in original language with subtitles. Not a fan of dubbing.


Going to go see this tonight. :slight_smile:

Will report back.


Watched the last transformers movie. Solid transformers movie. Nothing special.


There’s a surprise! :joy:


Re-watched Bladerunner 2049 again, pcicked up stuff I had missed before

Still as impressive and awesome as I first watched it!


12 Strong was ok. A solid 6.5/10 from me.

Some silly things in it, like the “accurate” depiction of elite special forces who FUCKING STAND UP IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIREFIGHT WITH 150 PEOPLE SHOOTING AK-47’s AT THEM…

Enjoyable enough, could have been a bit better.


Apparently there is going to be a live action movie based on a limited run graphic novel (gasp, shock, horror!)…

Called “Cowboy Ninja Viking”.

Chris Pratt is getting the lead role and it’s being directed by Michelle MacLaren who did some of the Game of Thrones and Walking Dead stuff too.

‘Plot’ synopsis:

The series revolves around a counter-intelligence unit of Multiple Personality Disorder patients, formed by psychotherapist Dr. Sebastian Ghislain, who are transformed into agents known as Triplets (referring to the three different personalities inside their minds). It is hinted that this is possible through experimental psychiatric conditioning and treatment, psychotropic drugs, and past life regression therapy. After the unit falls apart, its various members are turned into hired killers. Duncan, a Triplet who channels the skills of a Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking, is sent to find and stop the rogue Triplets.

This just sounds like fun! :smiley:


Altered Carbon was released on Netflix this morning at 0800hrs.

Mixed reviews, but the negatives seem to think that anything Cyberpunk is just a copy of Bladerunner…


Oh that is out. Must see. Read the books.


Been watching some of it today. I really like it. Some duff lines but awesome world building.


Mad Max Fury Road 4K HDR with 5.1 audio… just yes…all of the yes.