What have you seen lately?

Been watching “Big Sky” went into it not even knowing the synopsis, just that Katheryn Winnick and Ryan Phillipe were in it… God damn what a great show, have binged 9 of the available 11 episodes since yesterday :laughing:

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Had to give up on Mortal Kombat (2021) at the 1/3rd mark. I just couldn’t watch any more. Don’t do it to yourselves, just rewatch the 1995 one.

Also turned off Bruce Willis’s new one ‘Breach/Anti-life’ (has different names in different places for some reason). Terribad. Really, really terribad.

Love and Monsters was surprisingly good, especially for anyone who watched and enjoyed the Netflix series Daybreak.

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Was just about to start anti life. Looked at love and monsters a few times so will give it a go as loved daybreak

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Everything about Anti-life is terrible. I get why some of the acting is so cheesy because a bunch of the cast are TV actors who act pigeonholed roles on formulaic shows but even Bruce’s acting is so half-assed and cringe worthy. If it was funny-bad that would be one thing, but it’s Battlefield Earth bad, in places almost ‘The Room’ bad.

Love and Monsters was quite surprising and doesn’t feel like it’s a 2 hour film, more like an extended episode of a new series, which it would probably work well as.

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Yep. Really good film and the CGI is really well done. Loved it


I’ve watched a few newer Bruce Willis films of later & I can concur on Breach/Anti Life, IT SUCKS BIG HAIRY BALLS!!! In fact all the films I watched (can’t amind their names & tbh I don’t want to) are shit.

TV series wise I’m up to date on;

The Outpost (2018) Fantasy/Sword & sorcery, hammyish acting but a very enjoyable plot.
Kingdom (2019) Period action horror set in feudal Korea with zombies. Absolutely brilliant

TV series currently watching;

The Last Kingdom (2015) Action drama, Saxons vs Vikings in Alfred the Greats’ time period. Loving it


Finished the falcon and winter solider. Series was great but the last episode disappointed me

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Few things:-

Texas metal (slight man-crush on the main bloke); Car SOS (get yer tissues ready - a couple had me in tears); Ray Donovan. RD is a “little” obvious - as with most US things, there’s a drama in the episode and a thread through the “season”. But it’s pretty good.

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Just watched love and monsters. Really enjoyed it if a bit predictable


Sound Of Metal
Great performances make this a great film. Riz Ahmed delivers a pitch perfect performance as the musician who loses his hearing, Paul Raci is subtly fantastic as the mentor running the shelter for deaf recovering addicts, and all the other supporting pieces are utterly convincing.
The story never wanders into saccharine or over the top clichés and still manages to leave you uplifted at the end. Great subtle messaging from co-writer/director Darius Marder (who also co-wrote A Place Beyond the Pines, both with Derek Cianfrance).
Well worth a watch, recommended.

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Two films yesterday, neither that good;

Coming 2 America - An ok-ish return to the classic. Enjoyed seeing Wesley Snipes hamming it up, but really Eddie and Arsenio were just going through the motions until they climb back into the make-up for the extra characters they play.
Watchable but nothing great. I can’t even remember any stand-out bits…

Evan Almighty - Poor, poor, poor.
The entire plot is nonsensical and doesn’t follow on from Bruce Almighty in any way.
My daughter got bored. Steve Carell is grossly under-used. It’s just weird poop jokes.


Just finished Coming 2 America. Was easy watching. I felt I smiled alot. Wesley Snipes was awesome.


Finally finished Agents of Shield. Forgot how much I enjoyed it! Sad its ended actually


On BBC Scotland tonight 10pm. Not sure about other bbc.

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Just watched the first Bad Batch episode. Was about an hourish long and not too bad.


Watched it too. Loved it. Still has that clone wars feel


Documentary on Amazon Prime called
Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

I’d seen this before but didn’t realise it until he re-told me the story about running up the steps while holding his breath…

Charting the life and loves of a self taught creative, this is crucial viewing for any UK comics aficionados and definitely worth a watch you have more than a passing interest in how we got from the 50’s Superman comics to the likes of The Boys and Invincible.

This won’t be for everyone, but like so many others I feel like I have a connection with this talented and free Scot who really blossomed into one of the most influential people in the comics book industry. I was a fan of his work before I even knew who he was, having grown up reading 2000AD. Long may his works continue.

Oh, and there are a few other comic book documentaries on Amazon Prime as well for those interested.

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Watched “Promising Young Woman” last night with the missus. Damn good watch and I won’t get into the details or anything.

Some uncomfortable moments and highlights some serious topics for today.

Caught up on Doom Patrol season 1 finally. I can definitely see why people don’t like it, but I actually like the quirky all over the place story.

Next up is catching up on Doom Patrol season 2, the rest of For All Mankind season 2, the rest of Debris season 1 and the first episode of The Bad Batch.

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What did you watch it through? Kate’s interested in watching it.

Edit: found it!

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