What have you seen lately?

Watched The witcher nightmare of the wolf on Netflix. Very good. Tells the story of before Geralt.

Definitely worth the watch with season 2 being announced


Is that the cartoon one? If it is, then it did look good

It is indeed.

Anyone watched Squid Game yet?

Just finished it with Kate. Really weird stuff but really interesting and puts GoT to shame for shock and gore in places. Battle Royale meets Takeshi’s Castle with sprinklings of Hostel.

Rewatching Hannibal with Kate now there is a kinda-sorta-maybe chance of a new season. Realised we’d totally missed the most recent season so working through that. It’s interesting how they’re mixing up the narrative from the films, I’m particularly happy that its woven its way to the ‘Hannibal Rising’ parts.

Finished Z-Nation again after finishing Black Summer. Seriously sucks that SciFi have become the EA for TV shows. Hopefully Black Summer has legs.

Been watching through ‘Faking It’ on Discovery Plus with Kate. Really, really hard going at points but still fascinating if you can ignore the end parts with the ‘experts’:

Absolutely blasted through this hidden gem on Beeb - not for everyone, tame, but we got a laugh out of most episodes, it does interesting stuff with the ghosts and the backstory episodes on the ghosts are deeper than you would expect from something like this:

Everyone up to date on ‘What If?’ ? Really digging it, some wobbly bits, a shame they couldn’t get every voice, but the quality is brilliant.

How dark was the Dr Strange episode?! How much does everyone else want more with Carter as Cap?! I still don’t think Killmonger is a good bad guy.

Gotta say that I’ve been enjoying The Bad Batch a lot more than I thought I would, got me excited for the other upcoming Star Wars stuff.

Had to give up on Modok. Just not my thing at all:

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MODOK was pants, agreed.

Just watched Midnight Mass on Netflix. Very good. Not really horror, more of a narrative on religion. Not saying more than that as this is religion/politics/covid/brexit/jonas brothers free zone.

Free Guy is a good way to spend a few hours. Great cameos. That is all.

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Enjoying it. Thor one was funny. Watch new rockstars break downs on YouTube. His theories on some of the stuff is class and he’s normally not far wrong

Loves the bad batch. Then again I loved clone wars. Might have to give visons a go soon

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Squid Game and Fall Guy on my to watch list.

Binged through Sex Education season 3, Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, just started Midnight Mass.


Must revist this.

Myself and Zandra are working our way through Ozark.

Currently finishing up Season 3 with 4 episodes left to go through. It’s damn good and some characters are superbly fleshed out. Looking forward to Season 4.

Cannot wait to watch the new season of Ted Lasso!

We’ll probably watch that, then go on to Vikings. I only got to Season 3 with that, so it would be good to finish it out too.


Ted Lasso Is brilliant. We love it.

Vikings I need to revist aswell.

Anyone watching Foundation? Beautiful.


Rewatched these three - dunno what genre this is (docu-something?) but I’d love more to add to the list:

The Big Short

Margin Call



I’ve become addicted to the curse of Oak Island so much so I would honestly consider moving there and working on the treasure hunt to see if they find anything.

fucking love that show. the narrator seizing on everything they say and blowing it our of all proportion is fantastic.

blacksmith expert: ‘this bit of iron is a [something to do with ships], so it could date anywhere from 1300 all the way up to the late 1700s’

narrator: ‘Could it be?!? A [thing to do with ships] dating from 1300, found on oak island, possibly placed there by templars carrying the holy grail, ark of the covenant and the menorah from the first temple, predating the discovery of north america!!?!?!?!’

Can’t stand Gary though. dude needs to calm down his overenglishness, he’s as bad as john oliver.


Hit it back on there @adrock but I love Gary! Top pocket find but don’t have a top pocket big enough!

@NaloaC posted this in the ‘fan made/shorts’ thread a good while ago:


It’s been collected together with a bunch of other shorts under ‘Oats Studio’ on Netflix. Episode two is Vietnam + Meet The Applegates. Loving it.

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Binged the last few episodes of What If…? Absolutely incredible!

Really enjoyed it. Interesting to see if any if it comes into the next few movies

The new cartoon addams family it went on forever was a laugh though

Maid - Absolutely incredible show, acting on point and all felt very real.

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Zandra has watched it and thought much the same.

Finished Season 2 of Ted Lasso. Fuck me, the show is just superb.

Dune (2021). Went to see this last night with Zandra.
How the fuck this hasn’t had the 2nd part greenlit already I do not know.
Villneuve has done a superb job with this. The visuals are gorgeous, the cast and acting is brilliant and brings what we remember from the original '80s movie into the 21st century with style.

There’s a few great sci-fi tropes in there, but how many of them were generated from Dune books over the years anyway?

I was enraptured for the 2.5 hours that it was on for and will watch it again soon.