What have you seen lately?


Saw the deadpool trailer the other day, looks like a lot of fun. Then i noticed this

Terry Crews!!! (he’s on the right in the photo, damn you forum and your cropping)

This film is just getting better and better.

P.s Thor Ragnarok is brilliant fun


So finished Altered carbon in 2 days. Been watching Van Helsing series on netwflix(nearly 2 seasons watched).


“The Babysitter” on Netflix. Don’t read up about it, don’t watch any trailers. Just watch it. Good stupid fun.


Last night I watched The Matrix on bluray with my daughter. I wasn’t expecting it to have stood up so well - it’s still almost flawless - so much better than 90% of the crap pumped out today…my daughter loved it :smiley:


Watched kingsman the golden circle. Good solid movie. More of the same from the last one. Did enjoy it.


Just back from watching Black Panther. Was good, but not the best Marvel I’ve seen. Alot of it was very predictable. 6.5/10


Season 2 of StartUp. Fugg, I thought season 1 was outstanding. Season 2 knocked it out the park. I highly recommend it.


Black Panther - pretty much agree with Hammy on this, good film, very pretty, but predictable. Done well though, some nice set pieces.

The Shape of Water - I’d been looking forward to this for ages and really enjoyed, definitely not for everyone though. Reminded me of when The Artist came out a few years ago. Similarly a great film, great story, very well done, but so many people going to it with the wrong expectations (some people actually complained that the Artist was in black in white…). This is a lovely romance, it’s a love story, it’s a superhero movie from the perspective of the cleaners rather than the other super heroes, it’s odd and quirky, merits the 15 rating and has solid acting from the entire cast. If you’ve been a fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s previous work (more Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy than Pacific Rim) and have a romantic heart you’ll probably enjoy it - I really liked it :slight_smile:


Just finished this last night. Thought it was amazing. Slow start but roped me in real good. Plus Boobz. teehe


Thor Ragnarok!!! Fugg yeah. Lived up to expectations!


I just started watching the Amazon series Preacher, based on the comic books. If you don’t know what to expect I can see this being a difficult one to follow, what with it being “alieny, word-of-gody and Vampirey” but I’m certainly enjoying it. They’ve done a good job of changing some things and keeping others the same. Very enjoyable.


I actually didn’t like the show as much as I thought I would but the second season does introduce an amazing character that I will happily watch way more of.


I had no idea where to put this, Kevin Smith to me is kinda like a class mate done good, we’re on the same level with so many things…(not like I know him, just that feeling you get with Simon Pegg that he’s “one of us” who made it in the cinema business)


Glad he’s okay!

If you watch Comic Book Men (it’s on AMC before the walking dead, or the internet), last night’s episode had my buddy Mark on it, as he plays Kev in a film about the making of Clerks that his friend Chris made. We stayed up till it aired and downloaded last night to watch it :slight_smile: He (Kev) was in tears at the end of the screening because it’s basically the story of how he made his first film with his friends. Chris is a massive Kevin Smith fan, and Kev’s been really supportive of them; invited them to shows, backstage, gave them their merch money for the night as funding, invited them over to the states, put them on his tv show, but left all the creative filmmaking stuff to Chris. It’s worth checking out if you’re a fan.


Mah face on YooToob! :smiley:

This is from a presentation I gave at the Institute of Civil Engineers Ireland last year.


This just started, it’s three episodes in:


I’ve just watched “Mr. Right”

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell (and Tim Roth).

Silly little comedy romance thing with hitmen. Worth a watch for a few giggles.

Don’t watch trailers, spoils too many jokes and shit.

If you like any of the actors, it’s worth it. Solid 7/10.


i watched Bronson the other day bloody hell he’s an odd fella.


Bronson is fucking awesome. Made Tom Hardy one of my favourite actors after watching it.


Bronson is a Fecking epic film. Everyone needs to watch it