What have you seen lately?


A Quiet Place…


Highly recommended.



Nearly 2 hours of over the top action, what’s not to love!



Peter Rabbit - really good fun for adults and children alike!


The Gifted (TV)

Really enjoyed it! If you’re into X-Men and mutant stuff in general I highly recommend it.


i enjoyed the gifted, thought it was a lot better than runaways. Good to see characters like polaris and blink getting some screen time and backstory rather than being a power in a costume for whatever movie set piece.


Currently watching Runaways and yup, although good, it’s not anywhere near as good.


I’m just glad we live an an era where there are enough comic book based tv shows that some turn out really good. remember when we just had the new adventures of superman/lois and clark for years, and then birds of prey, witchblade and mutant x. Not to mention howard the duck and nick fury. Truly this is the golden age of comic book based live action entertainment.


Beyond Skyline, a great and trashy B movie. Recommended with a few beers and mates.

Pacific Rim: Uprising…sigh… but at least we have this to potentially look forward to (desperately tries to forget the first film discarding two great actors for no good reason)


SWAT and Legend. Both “ok” watch that doesn’t need too much attention.

Also, loved Bulletproof - continuity is shocking, but I enjoyed it.


I’m enjoying swat even with the cheese 80s theme music


Is a kind of “rip off” of Shaft :wink:


Just started to watch Harrow (alibi) with Mr Stretch (Iaon , starts with a G) from the original Fantastic Four.

Pathologist with a secret… early doors but enjoying it


Finished watching Ready Player One.

Story is quite good but predictable but the visuals, if you are a gamer, are superb!


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

I went in with abysmal expectations and while I chortled through many scenes, it was enjoyable.

At least the scientist has the sense to go “what are you doing?! That’s stupid!”

Jurassic Park 3 will always be the worst of the lot, mainly because it looked like a cheap chinese knock-off of a Disney world amusement ride.

JW:FK is silly, hams it up in places and lacks the true feeling of “OMFG! Dinosaurs!” whilst still having (I thought anyway) really fuckin’ sad moments.

If you like the series, then yeah, watch it, but don’t expect the first one or anything close to it.


So that new marvel movie, god damn cliffhanger ending… Not doing any more spoilers.


Antman and wasp. Good solid show


I did not see that one, it was the avengers movie.


The Maze Runner: Death Cure… Something was lacking from it compared to the other two films.


High-Rise. And I have no idea what it’s about. Not a fucking clue.