What have you seen lately?


I’m only now realising I haven’t watched Winter Soldier but just watched Civil war…I’d forgotten I never got around to watching it. Going to watch Home Comming now then maybe Winter soldier afterwards.

Is it worth catching up on the pre-Home Comming spiderman films in terms of the Infinity War story arc? I’ve seen the first couple of Toby ones before none of the ones after.

I’ve started to look in to where I could start with a few comic series but amongst the retcons, reboots, alternate universes/forks, the spin offs and interconnected story lines I give up before I actually get any where. I thought the changes to Warhammer 40k lore could get confusing but its nothing compared to the comic book universes!!


Nope. Homecoming is the first solo Spider-Man film within the MCU.


pick a character or group you already have an interest in, or are curious about, and pick any run with them, and go from there. there’ll be many crossovers and you can find other characters you like or prefer. i find it’s a bit futile trying to keep up with all of anything, so picking a character or group and following their story through them is how i tend to approach them.

Or pick an artist or writer or pair and read whatever they’ve done as a jumping off point.


I just scrounged a Netflix log-on, so now working my way through Peaky Blinders. First 2 episodes mean i will be going back for more :slight_smile:

O and another +1 for Mission impossibles’ latest offering.


Watched Home Comming but didn’t fancy Winter Soldier so rewatched Ant-man again instead.

Moved on to the 40k lore videos @Buggsy linked on facebook.


@vredesbyrd any chance of a kinky for those 40k Lore Vida for those not on facecrap :slight_smile:


Via that sex beast @Buggsy 's FB post: Linkage.


Just watched ‘Upgrade’, a bit squidgy in places but a good watch!

Edit: Trailer


About to watch ‘American Animals’


Meh, it was just OK.


It’s one of the better put together ones and one of my favourites. Hope you find the time and enjoy it, it reminds me of Logan in a lot of ways…


Well shit, you’ve sold me on it now, I loved Logan!


Absolutely outstanding film. Winter Soldier reminds me of it because it’s a genuinely good film in it’s own right, not “a good superhero film” if you know what I mean? And you don’t need to have seen every other in the series to follow the plot.


Yeah I get what you mean, when I watched Logan the the first time it obviously tugged at the rest of the franchise but the references weren’t like in normal super hero movies, they were a side thought to watching Logan succumbing to the end. Everything about it felt so different to the other films, the Xavier and weapon X parts of it really had me by the feels, Patrick doing a brilliant job.


Turns out I HAVE seen Winter Soldier, I just didn’t remember most of it. Must have been pissed or something. Good film!

Going to watch TAG with tea later but need to find something new to watch.


I’ve started back in to Agents of Shield, give it a go. Fills in some back stories to the movies and adds more to the MCU


Ahh no, I really don’t like the super hero tv series, just not for me. Cheers for the shout though!


I wouldnt call it a super hero TV show. Hard to describe but def not a super hero show.


it’s a joss whedon tv series; there’s a woman who’s ‘special’ and an ensemble cast who support them through a variety of dimly lit sets and similarly choreographed fight sequences.


I’ve found the comic book-related TV series to have really hammy (sorry Hamster!) acting and find it really hard to look past some of my niggles so I can enjoy them.

I’ll give this a go and see how I get on.