What's stuck in your head right now?


Big and fearless like a bear
Tracksuit with the stripes I wear
From Krakow to Kamchatka
I’m the patron saint of vodka




New track from Slipknot. I’m liking it! Hopefully a new album is on the way. I know they’re touring next year.


Duality was pretty dope, this might need some listening to! Seems like a mix of styles, can’t really put my finger on it yet. Bit of Machine Heads Bulldozer maybe?


About 2.5 minutes too long, but a better start than their last few release tracks.

Definitely some Iowa in there but they just haven’t got the drum sound without Joey and the bass just doesn’t round right without Paul.


All of your friends are cunts
Your mother is a ballpoint pen thief

And I thought the slav song was poetry.

I love Mclusky.


Having a Parkway Drive day today.



An ache. May or may not be due to alcohol…


Found this, the little guy seems to know his shit :smile:



This film hit me in the feels more than I was expecting. I know most find it slow and I admit after the second viewing it might have one or two baggy moments, but this was never a film about the moon landing, nor about the space race, nor about “would they wouldn’t they”…this is a film about a man trying to come to terms with his grief under the inhuman pressure of a world’s expectations. This piece of music makes me cry, but also gives me hope;



Early days but giving it a whirl. Liking it so far.




New music! Koresma is some of the most chill ambient I’ve heard:



I don’t understand a word of it, but someone sent me it this morning and listened to it 5 times already lmfao


Now, I’m not an expert on the language but I do have a good ear for interpreting. I’m fairly sure that it’s a shopping list, and they really don’t want pudding, given that they keep repeating “Yah, fuck pudding”.

Hope that helped


The intro and the chorus has been stuck in my head for a few days now.