What's stuck in your head right now?



New music! Koresma is some of the most chill ambient I’ve heard:



I don’t understand a word of it, but someone sent me it this morning and listened to it 5 times already lmfao


Now, I’m not an expert on the language but I do have a good ear for interpreting. I’m fairly sure that it’s a shopping list, and they really don’t want pudding, given that they keep repeating “Yah, fuck pudding”.

Hope that helped


The intro and the chorus has been stuck in my head for a few days now.






Thanks, now I have to re-watch Evangelion again.

Fuckin’ Shinji!


I’m on episode 7 as we speak. Reno has effectively rickrolled me with the opening credits in the past.


Feeling sombre at the moment and got this in my head:


: Pantshugzzzzzzzzzzzzz :


That’s when you need this kind of tune :slight_smile:


And what do you think you just did!!! you evil person!!


After seeing ’ The Classic Rock Show’ again thye nailed this so been stuck in my head for a week


The video released today… Now it is proper stuck again!!


I’ve been playing the new Ace Combat 7 on ps4 (AMAZING game, arcade flight game with crazy fun story). This track is absolutely boss.


If you are not playing this with the top gun theme in the background then I don’t want to know you anymore


Current mood and feeling in work


That’s already on the playlist! How dare you assume otherwise!

But the ingame stuff is pretty epic too.