What's stuck in your head right now?


So I have been listening to quite a lot of synthwave recently and recently found Carpenter Brut…

I cannot get the melody of this out of my head…its too damn catchy and I love the 80’s vibe of synthwave :smiley:



God yes. Been a Carpenter Brut fan for a couple years now. Paradise Warfare is my synth’y, cheesy, 80s-dripping delight

For anyone who’s curious : https://youtu.be/SVf7NBncUy0


Heard this once early this morning on a random youtube playlist and now it is stuck in my head but only because I CANNOT figure out the song it reminds me of…it sounds like the violin section is a cover of another song and I just can’t figure it out!!!

Edit: The bit starting around 3:58

Edit 2:

It reminds a little bit of Flute Tune in places but also of Bonobo - Kiara as well but I just can’t pin down the bit…


I don’t recognise it, but after a drunken weekend listening to vsq a while back ALL unidentified string sections sound like covers of something i can’t recall.

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Still haven’t figured out that string section, but have something else in my head at the moment:


Scratch that, random youtube playlists are killers:


Was getting up and had a look at my flatbread dough I was prepping yesterday, when I saw it had risen a song lyric popped in my head. Can’t get it out now … it is stuck forever. Making flatbread is changed eternally !


Current listening to David Grey White ladder. In my top 5 albums of all time.


The new Rammstein

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I’ve been humming this for days…


Latest from Rammstein: NSFW!

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This has been stuck in my head for days though…


Ater the most recent episode it’s been stuck in my head! no spoilers obviously


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Morrowind synthwave