What's stuck in your head right now?


Olde skool thrash/speed/death metal \m/. No band these days would get away with an album like this, too many snowflakes would be outraged & offended. The satire & joke of what S.O.D was all about would get completely overlooked.



I forgot how much I love The Berzerker

I’ll forever associate this album with my old Minidisc player. I miss that little out of time oddity and having to record to it through my PS2, ahhh the inconvenient old days.


Been wandering around school sounding/looking like Ninja from Die Antwoord humming this beat:


@Scottyboy and I have been humming this a lot.


love the film :smiley:


Haha. I even had that on in car this morning on way to work to let the misses hum too.


One of the best films ever put together!!!


Had this in my head on and off for the last few weeks on account of a total cunt I work with who I wish would just fucking move on already.



I’ve been singing this to myself for about two weeks since finishing a binge of Its Always Sunny (for about the 10th time):


Anyone else bother doing film scores plus film soundtracks?




Yes, Forum, that is a completely appropriate reaction. Leave me alone.


So I have been listening to quite a lot of synthwave recently and recently found Carpenter Brut…

I cannot get the melody of this out of my head…its too damn catchy and I love the 80’s vibe of synthwave :smiley:



God yes. Been a Carpenter Brut fan for a couple years now. Paradise Warfare is my synth’y, cheesy, 80s-dripping delight

For anyone who’s curious : https://youtu.be/SVf7NBncUy0


Heard this once early this morning on a random youtube playlist and now it is stuck in my head but only because I CANNOT figure out the song it reminds me of…it sounds like the violin section is a cover of another song and I just can’t figure it out!!!

Edit: The bit starting around 3:58

Edit 2:

It reminds a little bit of Flute Tune in places but also of Bonobo - Kiara as well but I just can’t pin down the bit…


I don’t recognise it, but after a drunken weekend listening to vsq a while back ALL unidentified string sections sound like covers of something i can’t recall.


Still haven’t figured out that string section, but have something else in my head at the moment:


Scratch that, random youtube playlists are killers:


Was getting up and had a look at my flatbread dough I was prepping yesterday, when I saw it had risen a song lyric popped in my head. Can’t get it out now … it is stuck forever. Making flatbread is changed eternally !