What's stuck in your head right now?


This is great:


Grand Magus for the win!


Classic! Takes me back to Caoland 2016.

Fleetwood mac the chain that is.


Still love this, best remix of this track:

@vredesbyrd you might enjoy this :wink:


fantastic music !


Sorry guiz, can’t help it, it’s stuck right in there (HEU HEU):


WTF, now I can not unhear it! Why did you do this to me?




One of the best dance songs ever made!


Feel like playing this as loud as I can.


The new Arch Enemy album arrived yesterday in the mail, already converted to flac and gave it a listen! Quite like it so far.



find it very calming helps with stress after work


Feeling like utter shit at the moment so finding solace in music. This track is really helping me think about stuff:


That entire album got me through 3rd year and through post uni blues.

Blackmill is sorely missed :confused:

Chillstep is one of my favourite things to listen to (in contrast to my personality I suppose). Another favourite below:


Wait…what? What do you mean 'sorely missed"??? What have I missed?!.!?


He’s not dead, just hasn’t made any new stuff since 2012/2013. Height of the genre those two years and he was at the very top. Never mad anything since.


Shat the bed for a minute…


Actually he recently posted some stuff a few months ago :smiley: