What's stuck in your head right now?


well that’s good!

Genuinely thought nothing had come out since evil beauty.




been playing the living hell out of The Witcher 3 wild hunt and im in love with all of it, and this song is on the main menu man i love it!




Playing a bit of Furi and Brigador at the moment and they both have incredible synthwave soundtracks




You posted that already, give us some original trilogy, way better films and music


To be fair, the music was one of the few things the second trilogy did well


oh yeah didn’t relise i did that well it’s still stuck in there after the beta


No worries, you can’t really complain about getting too much John Williams


Technically breaking the rules (two vids), but I’ll take the punishment (was the Buggsy/Panda basement renovated along with the new forum?) like a…man?..nah, that doesn’t sound right…squeeling little bitch? Yeah. That sounds better. And I think Buggsy would prefer it that way too.

Stuck in my head like a tick:

From my favourite bit of John Wick:

(‘Think’ kicks in at 3:08)



ahem anyway…


Possible one for @Jester and @Xander, the whole album is stuck in my head, but the opening track flowing in from the intro track is a beaut:


Some Finnish music.


i know the movies still a way to go to be considered great but they are the characters i love so im super hyped!




Saw this again the other day. Loved the film Gattaca.

I saw it in my teens, one day, while I was bored on a lazy Sunday. Holy shit it was a profound movie. Made me really think about life, and was the first time I started to really question where I was and where I was going. At 15, that’s pretty fucking mind blowing.

I still play the sound track for those feels.