What's stuck in your head right now?


Been listening to this lately. Whole album, but love this.


An oldie but a good one. Nice choice Skottie :slight_smile:


A bunch of cover songs, hell I love the classics :smiley:


Possibly still the most meaningful and insightfully deep tune I have heard. Love Royksopp.

Still has more lyrics than a standard Beyonce track.




That was awesome but I watched it on youtube and clicked the link in the description that takes you to the merch page and this t-shirt was there:


Fucking ace! :smiley:



This is his best song in Years!!! Only out yesterday


I’m fucking loving Spotify at the moment for finding me some fucking awesome tunes.



The last 3 posts in here are great :smiley:

Liking the Calvin Harris track, Dua Lipa has got a great voice! I have heard quite a few tracks I like featuring her recently!

I have got 5x Insomnium albums and some EP’s and I have not heard While We Sleep before! Its awesome and its got that classic insomnium sound!

I have been subscribed to UKF on youtube for ages but have not listened to anything from it for a while.





More characters needed here.


^^It’s an awesome track though :smiley:

I think I might have to get this…



I don’t need no speed. Nope
I don’t need no heroine. No thanks
I don’t want no coke. Not today
You can keep your ketamine. Yeeeeeeeeah

I’m a bassline junkie. Tell him again!


Fecking love that tune :):grin: