What's stuck in your head right now?


I wouldn’t say “stuck in my head”, but almost forgot just how fucking good Eminem really is.

Thanks to @Buggsy for the FB post link :smiley:


This right here for your number one


Had one of those “where are the musical geniuses now? Bowie is dead, Freddy Mercury, Leonard Cohen, " yadda yadda… I said " M & M is a genius who transformed his musical landscape around him” and we were like… “awwwww yeah!”
Patted myself on the back, and went about my day



Just listened to this out of curiosity … Now it’s fucking stuck in my head… URGH!!


Perfect sunset summer evening music. Love this.


I think I posted this already, but considering I just booked tickets to go see them… SLAYER!


Quite the range of vocals on the singer! :open_mouth:


So some sort of doom metal with metal core influence? Might check them out, I’m a bit intrigued. My favourite femal vocalist is Alissa White-Gluz since Angela Gossow stopped performing a while ago. She’s still my overall favourite though.

Stumpled over this one, not tentirely sure yet. Seems like a while I found a good new Metal Band I liked immediately. My music taste got quite soft over the past 2 years …


Christ! We is getting taken overz!!


Old, but still good.


Playlists count?




I said…can we go to Ibiza :slight_smile:


God I miss Nu-metal.


A mash up a friend sent me. It helps that green day are my favourite band.



Possibly the best remix I have heard in a very long time!!