What's stuck in your head right now?






Still love this track. Still a great video.


I love Agnete’s voice. She’s excellent in Animal Alpha, Djerv and in her collaborations with Solefald and in this one with Dimmu Borgir:

Picked this up on vinyl from a recent record fair but haven’t had it on yet. Can’t wait to blast Vredesbyrd, Gateways and Serpentine Offering on full whack!


This is the reason i know Dimmu Borgir, and as a result i have this stuck in my head again:



Scratches a super specific itch for me but is the only track like it on the album, as seems to be the case when I find gems like this. I should just be glad that Ulver atleast gave me five tracks with Bergtatt to get me started. I’ll just end up with a super eclectic playlist at some stage!




Hell, that would almost make me reinstall the game.


Love that
Reminds me of this I love






Found down the youtube rabbit hole I found the Agalloch track in and just as weird:

The whole album is actually pretty good which makes me wonder how I missed it because I’ve checked Bathory out before and it just hasn’t gelled with me.

More to add to the folky, black metaly, melodicy playlist yay!

Edit: 2:54 onwards is especially good.



Stumbled over this one.


Looking at that still from Zorndar’s vid post, I didn’t realise that Harry Enfield shredded as Kevin.


Heard this on Soccer AM this morning. Catchy.