When worlds collide!


like any good football fan, i enjoy laughing at the lunacy of comments sections on fan sites.

like any good 90s geek, I used to collect miniatures and play tabletop games.

But I’ve never considered using one to raise my credibility in a debate about the other.

Ignoring the article and skipping to the comments:




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“Bring me the stats that outline how your hobby is cooler than mine and maybe then I’ll engage in debate with you, until then…SHHHH”

Sounds like the start of a good debate.


I like to just have a laugh at the comments sections, because the fall from grace of humanity is amusing to me, but that one guy just lacks any levity or sense of humour :

Jimblag23 Clarko • 11 hours ago
"100% of people I surveyed thought you are a goon."

Clarko Jimblag23 • 11 hours ago
"Great comeback.
Looks like I win.
In your face, idiotic moron."

“That aside, I’m assuming you can read, now I’m not assuming you can read well, but I’m guessing you’re comfortable reading 1-3 syllable words. It’s english, it’s self explanatory. Again the questions are moronic.
Putting all that aside there’s Google. I don’t know if you’re trying to do a “bit” of some sort but it’s all a bit slow/dumb for my liking, try it at the next Flat Earth Society meeting, with people in your own IQ bracket.”

“That is an extremely stupid comment and an extremely stupid analogy. It is so stupid and senseless that I don’t know how to address it, so I’m not going to try or waste my time doing so.
If you really want to waste more time trying to defend morons then feel free to clarify the point/argument you were trying to make (excluding any analogy) and I will do my best to provide an answer.”

“I was being nice calling it stupid, it was horrendously moronic, one of the most pathetic comments I have received on this platform.”

“Believe me, I know. They are uninformed, they do not want to be informed, they will ignore all facts, evidence and reasoning, all they want to do is complain about Ashley and the club they claim to “support”. That aside, I think it’s important to post correct information, despite their ignorance.”

So yeah, comes across as a prick, but remember guys, he’s got EUROPE’S LARGEST WARHAMMER COLLECTION. So when it comes to top-flight football, and accountancy based on numbers he found on the internet, you know he’s got it all going on upstairs…