Whilst we're in a pirate mood... (New Game of Blame Announcement)

So the next iteration of Game of Blame is on the verge of being launched. The orginal GoB was popular and still remains so. Blame Space was a bit hit and miss. This time, it’s going to be FECKING AWESOME!

New rules! New Artist (like proper triple A quality artwork)! and… PIRATES!

It’s called “YOHO!” - You Only Hang Once

A quick peak at some of the cards…

Be sure to like and follow the facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/YOHOPirateCardGame

and frankly, spread the word. Everyone involved is hugely proud of this - it’s the most professional looking thing we’ve created.

@blackscorpion @reddragon


The artwork looks great

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I love blame space nothing funnier than breaking all the escape pods so no one wins :grin: I’ll definitely be getting this one can’t wait


I just got an email for this :rofl: looks fab Jes, I’ll go like it now :hugs:


Hehe glad you got the email - no idea they were being sent out, happy coincidence.

Forum bot informs me its been 3 years since we’ve seen you - no way!

Welcome back, hope you’re well @Lauren!

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I’m fabulous! I kind of fell out of the gaming world for a while and stuck to my switch and working. I’ve popped on from time to time but felt like I couldn’t get involved :rofl: I hope you and everyone else is well too!


Feeling like you can’t get involved has never stopped anyone else posting here :slight_smile:

P.s neither has decency or common sense