"Why Valve actually gets less than 30 percent of Steam game sales"

Again, not trying to troll or stir anything up. Just thought it was worth sharing on here given some of the previous, current and on-going discussions.

Epic store discussions!

I’ve read the other thread. Basically digital is where the majority are now for PC - which means Steam has a massive userbase and can directly sell to the majority of customers.

To compete requires some serious muscle - you have to convince people you platform is worth installing, and worth either prioritising our outright replacing Steam. Many things prevent this - steam is also a community hub.

Epic’s approach has been purely financial: offer a much better deal to developers/publishers, and offer them straight up incentives for exclusivity on major releases.

Competition is a great thing and Valve definitely need it - they’re sat on a major amount of income for every game released on its platform, which is pretty much the majority of them.


Epic have shot themselves in the foot PR wise with major games, already announced and purchasable on one store, being yanked off it and thrusted upon a new one. Its very anti consumer, and a pretty terrible practice with seemingly no consequence.

Basically it reinforces the point that you have paid for a time limited licence to the software you have purchased. At any time, if Steam gets done and goes under, or if Epic decides it gets exclusive rights to shit that is already purchased and forces you to do it again, you lose. You’re more in their control than ever - and that’s a crap deal.

People just want games to buy and play. Steam was convenient but Epic’s arrival and behaviour have finally pointed out a flaw with the concept - the store owners have way more control over something you have paid for than ever before.

What should come out of it is better legislation and controls over these kind of purchases. Steam/Epic shouldn’t have so much draconian control over its user’s purchased products.

GOG are the best players in the business, with a DRM Free model. trouble is they’re not doing so great in the space, and their store’s products have less features (i.e Steam features for No Man’s Sky prevent GOG users from Multiplayer).