Wifey done gud!

Opened present all good. Then asked me to get her something from a cupboard…

She’s a keeper


Nice one matey…found like both of us have keepers . Just after dinner she brings out a big box…un rap a little bit and see the Lego logo on a brown box…instantly know what it is…

Now…just need some time to do the star destroyer wifey for me 2 years ago as well as this one


Wow yup! She did gud indeed!!

Now you can play The Last of Us wink wink

Forgot about that! Was going to get horizon dawn thingy 1st. Trade in the games I have for it.

Well there’s many games out there for you to give a go now haha

hambert06 appears to be my PSN name

Nice guys. I got a new Kindle from the missus!