Windows 10 auto login weridness

Untill the beginning of the week i would press the power button my PC and it would boot up to my desktop and away i go but i don’t know why and i can seem to find the setting any were but now it places me on the user log in screen for my email address but not the account im using and will say ’ unable to connect to the internet’ but if i click on my Profile im promoted to enter my Pin and im in, i haven’t changed any settings or hardware recently so im at a loss for whats happening.

Took me a while to figure out what you actually ment in the first half of you post.

There was a big update roughly 1 week ago, maybe that screwed with your account settings. Maybe they require a forced password account now? I would simply go to the account manager and set it up again like it was before.

Other option:
Are you using a local account or the dumb Microsoft account with linked email address and stuff? As you got a pin, I guess you might have your account linked to the MS account somehow, would also explain why they know your mailadress. I would recommend trying the local account settings, its a bit hard to find but it still exists. Just leave the password area open and it should work like before.

I can’t relate as I always use a password for my windows/local account, it won’t work against people who know their shit BUT agaisnt the random guy next door it does its job.

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1903 has changed a lot of shit. I always set windows 10 up with local accounts and never link it too Microsoft. Fuck that.


I stumbled into it once, what a fucking nichtmare never again! Its not worth the extra headache

looked at that nothing looks different :S

The two ‘profiles’ it has listed on the login screen are both the same email but one has my windows avatar and PW and the other is black and i don’t know the PW for it

You can remove any Windows account if you login as Admin, I would just remove the 2nd account especially if you don’t know the password or how it got there.

I still suggest my 2nd option described in my first post, simply setup a local account instead of the one assoicated with the MS account. If you don’t know how simply google it, there are plenty of good tutorials for it.