Windows 10 retirement date

BBC News - Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils

Whats the betting this new os will come with a monthly subscription fee

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I expect it be more of a freemium model to be fair. You can have bog standard windows at no cost, but you want HyperV or Task Scheduler then the subscription comes in.

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BBC News - Microsoft unveils Windows 11 operating system

Android apps able to run on it. Interesting

So the TL; DR; of potential shitshow.

  • Intel 8th gen or AMD Ryzen 2xxx and above only.
  • Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 compulsory. (Most laptops don’t support the latter)
  • DX12 capability required - RX480/GTX 10 Series and above. (This requirement is why some of the 8th gen intel CPU’s don’t exist in the list, as the integrated doesn’t support it).
  • Must have an internet connection when installing.
  • Must use a Microsoft account to login, local accounts are no longer.

There are a multitude of others but they generally don’t affect most normal users.

That would put me off


Another thing that is a potential gotcha for a lot of people…

I ran the upgrade checker tool on my machine for a laugh and it failed…on TPM 2.0 but I have yet to check if my system has a TPM but potentially disabled in the UEFI so I’d have to go in there to check that out.

People with potentially supported hardware in pre built systems would potentially have to visit their UEFI/BIOS to enable it and might not know how to do that.

You can also buy TPM modules that you’d plug into an existing system board however it would seem that scalpers are already at work on with TPM modules.

Most people running Windows 10 should have tpm enabled. I’d it not where it stores the Windows 10 license code?

Mine was disabled in Bios, can confirm. (Not prebuilt - unless you mean built before certain time lol)

Keys are stored in the ACPI table which is accessible by UEFI. That has no direct relation to TPM.

TPM 2.0 uses an independent ACPI table backed by hardware encryption rather than the standard software implementation. More robust, but not a necessary requirement for W10.

Thats right, just remember having to turn it on when upgrading work laptops to 10 years ago but it was for the encryption

Upgrade checker - is this in Windows or via a website?

Downloadable App from website.

Well seems I cant have Win11 :frowning: Seems my CPU is not good enough? i7-6700HQ 2.6… hey ho, one less thing to worry about for now… (Though my TPM is good heh)

Both TPM & secure boot are disabled on my PC, have had a quick look & read stuff about how to enable in the bios… I don’t do bios, I scared I break stuff in bios

Tool to see if you can run windose 11. Meant to be clearer than micro$oft version


Been playing with an insider build on one a pair of machines that, rarely, do support it. One has software TPM 2.0 enabled, other has hardware chip.

Just discovered and reported a massive problem for software TPM 2.0. Which was discovered accidentally courtesy of Dell firmware updater. If you install W11, then update the BIOS firmware after the fact and you only have software TPM, you get locked out of windows. Rolling back the firmware update doesn’t help you either, as the token is still different.

Reset everything and have replicated the error 3 more times on Software TPM, but the fault doesn’t happen on hardware TPM. :man_facepalming:

Didn’t think the insider update was live. Not been sent anything for it yet

You’ve got to be on dev channel release to use the insider build released today.