Windows 10 Upgrade help

Seeing that more & more games are being Windows 10 only (Sea of Thieves for example), it’s starting to look like I will have to upgrade from Windows 7. I’ve done a little bit of research & it looks like I can still do the free upgrade (verified still working April 2020). Is upgrading as easy as they say in the videos I’ve watched? As in you just run the upgrade tool & that’s it, you keep your PC as it is (programs etc) Just now running 10 instead of 7 ???

Free upgrade doesn’t always work chum and can break badly. Be better doing a fresh install.

Also Windows 7 was eol at the start of the year. Better doing the upgrade soon

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I concur with Hammy. Take the opportunity to perform a nice clean install. It will be less hassle in the long run and you will have a super speedy PC. Well, as speedy as it can be. :grinning:

I always use Rufus to create a bootable USB stick with the Windows ISO on it.


Fresh install - Seen the results just this week of the upgrade from 7 to 10, as one of our staff did it on their home PC (WFH), and lost all their files as it corrupted the hard disk.

Consensus I got from the sysadmin subreddit was that the last time the upgrade option was actually viable without huge issues was before the Windows 10 Anniversary Update back in August 2016.

Had no problems whatsoever with free upgrade
Still going strong.


Why someone would upgrade without suitable backup is beyond me!

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Academic’s are devoid of logic, even at Cambridge.

I only ever do work on Google Drive. Nothing of importance is on my local drives.