Windows 10

What version is everyone running? I’m currently on 10 pro but with the new pc build I’m looking at home, as its cheaper but has less features. Only one that I’m thinking I’d maybe use is remote desktop.

I’m on pro but i don’t know what the differences are :confused: Mine was a free upgrade from an old copy of 8 Pro.

I’m on W10 pro but did you know there is an open source RDP wrapper that allows you to use RDP on home edition?

Get a pro key for 5 quid.

Anything that cheap can’t be good.

Don’t want to get in to this discussion again, but I am still running 2 machines with cheap pro keys. No problems.

O hai.
Cheapest place to buy?


Legal copies, cheapest I’ve seen is 170 quid in work. Every where else about 180

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Found this?

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K, pc updating, restart. Nope. Blank screen, box still “on” and running.
Forced switch off - update not done.
Repeat. Blank screen, box running…


Start in safe mode and troubleshoot. If that doesnt work, uninstalled latest updates from Safe mode

Wouldn’t restart… Just box on, blank screen. Shut down, unplugged. Restarted. Same.

“FUCK YOU” and restarted normally.

Worked. :neutral_face::roll_eyes:

Ta for the help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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