Windoze April update halp

Yeps, some good (figured how to split sound from gfx using HDMI to TV and display port to monitor) but, FFS, it seems to have “made” a “new” drive (recycle bin etc) and every minute or so keep getting annoying “disk space is nearly full” warning. It’s empty, that I can see.

I not googled it, as you buggers are good at explaining what to do in real terms to me…

Any halps? Or should I just google that shizzle?

Manies fankings!

this makes me think that it’s created some temporary or recovery partition, that’s small enough to not have enough free disk space to stop the warnings. Can you tell how big the new ‘disk’ is? it’ll be a part of one of your existing ones.

you could follow that gudie to disable the warnings (create a registry key) but that’ll disable warnings for all drives and in theory you might still appreciate warnings if your actual disk fills up, in which case you might be able to unmount the disk (tell windows to ignore it) and it’ll not show up in anything. I’ll see if i can find a convenient guide to doing that.