Wine Thread

Starting this thread off with a question.

We are going on holiday next week, nice cottage in quiet part of Perthshire. And I shall be looking forward to a few nice evenings with good food and hopefully nice wine!

This where you guys come in. Any suggestions/recommendations for red wines? Just looking for ideas and to just enjoy something different from my norm. I do typically enjoy Rioja and Malbecs but pretty open to be honest. So if you have some personal favs let me know!

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One of my favs:

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All you need



Anything Chilean or even Argentinian if you like a robust thing.

Fitou is a more gentler red for easier drinking.

For something extraordinary and unusual, try a Chateau Mousar by Gaston Hochar.

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Very fanceh! Chateau Mcpriceyface. Would love to try that.

Had Fitou before, not in a while mind.

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Have got the Malbec variety of this to have this evening. Looking forward to it.

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Aldi have a £20 (!!) bottle of borolo for £12.99. Tis a big wine, but smooth.

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Borolo’s are classic. Do like