Wizard of Legend

Sort of a dungeon crawler with Rogue elements to it. It has an interesting story line to it but under its hood is a very complex and well thoughtout dungeon crawler. Playstyle wise its close to Isaac, combat speed is slightly different I think and you have a bit more control over your “upgrades”. Its out for Switch too as well as PS4 if remember right. You can even play 2player 2 co-op.

I like the artstyle too, bit retro but still very pretty, especially the effects look very clean yet impactful.

I bought it on PC for now, might pick it up for Switch though. Will let you know which version is better if I do so. Probably takes a while though as I also bought Omensight (heavier on storytelling) too.

I love it right now, so many good Indy titles coming out after quite a draught since February.

I link 2 videos, the first is heavier on the Story as its the start of the game the 2nd goes right into the action and showcases the combat much better.