Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Official Gameplay Trailer

This gives me warm fuzzy feelings!



I think this new Wolf series handles nazis and that whole thing far better than the new CoD.

It definitely does not shy away from what that ideology really represented. The New Order is a phenomenal game and its story, despite the somewhat tarantino vibe, really works as an over the top drama.

This is THE game i am looking forward to (apart from Destiny 2 :smiley: )

I love the Wolfenstein series, well from Return to Castle Wolfenstein anyway. I am soooooo looking forward to this :gun: :dagger: :joystick: :man_cartwheeling: :man_cartwheeling: :man_dancing:

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This looks really good!

Loving the dual wield of different weapons :smiley:

I really enjoyed the new order so looking forward to this.

Dual wield check, Nazis check what more do you want!

So I was just looking at the steam reviews for this and there are a bunch of people having issues with it so I might give it a miss until some patching has been done or someone figures out how to fix the issues.

Lotsa issues with the release for a lot of people, especially on Nvidia hardware, just a heads up!

I picked this up and although my old potato of a computer is more towards the minimum spec end of the scale I’m getting 30-60FPS depending on what is happening on screen and I’m loving it so far and its really pretty to look at even with reduced settings!

The weapons are amazing and so satisfying! You get to mod your weapons when you pick up upgrade packs to make them better and so far my faves are the Sturmgewehr (assault rifle) with the armour piercing ammo, scope and double taped mag (fully modded out) and the Schockhammer automatic shotgun (recently acquired) which is a 20 round automatic shotgun!

The heavy laser weapon called the Lasergewehr is EPIC and literally melts things but its a two handed pickup that you pick up from fallen big baddies!

I get a menu glitch when starting the game so you have to close it and then try again until you see non glitched text but so far that’s the only issue I have, once in the game I can play for hours and it won’t crash so if you do grab this you might suffer from one or more of the stupid issues with this game depending on your hardware but if you loved the new order you need to play this!


Worked fine on my PC, nvidia gpu + intel z270 platform. The weapons are pretty fantastic, I love the Lasergewehr but I run out of ammunition constantly. Dual MPs is nice too :smirk: .



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