Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Looks co op. Not sure if is co op.

Edit - It is Co-Op but can be played Solo. Also will Be £25/$30 or £35/$40 for Deluxe.


and the delux edition gets allows a friend, who hasn’t bought the game, to play co op with you.
This only works while the person who bought the game is playing but you can share it with as many friends as you like

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Just seen this on Steam, £25 is bloody cheap for the S:E more so considering how bloody good the Wolfenstein games are. Pre Purchase shall be made on Friday (payday) :smiley: & hopefully I’ll get some co-op in with fellow wolfy ziipster fans.

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Holy shit it does?


SOLD, always nice to have coop game lying around! Seriously, I had fun with the last Wolfenstein (not as much as with new order though) having that with another person must be pure mayhem!

The last game was enjoyable but I felt they were more concerned with how much of the DLC I was going to buy than they were if I enjoyed the game overall, which I did but felt a lot of it was very samey. I’ll have a look at this if its CooP but others it’ll probably be a sale job for me.