World Cup


I am in no way watching the match on my phone in work.


Is the fucking vuvuzela back for this world cup? Judging by the shit-noise that is drilling the background of the Iran vs Morocco game… I’m guessing the answer is probably yes.

Can’t fucking stand that noise.


I’ve times out. Match isn’t great


How well did Russia do?!

On a totally not related note: Picture taken from the rooves around the World Cup Stadium during the Russia Vs Saudi game:


That an asp?


I may be “testing” a 70" TV out for the next 30 days at work :slight_smile:


I’ve watched pretty much every game so far (ipad has a use!) - This is becoming one of the best world cups I’ve seen in recent years… especially as all the usual suspects are not firing on all cylinders… Argentina, Germany, Brazil, France… all look tired and off the pace. Spain and Portugal look stronger… but not by huge amounts.

Great win by Croatia tonight


Argentina’s coach needs to be relieved of his duties - his team just don’t gel.

Radio 5 Live for the win


Mexico have impressed me the most so far. They where brilliant against the Germans.


Yep Argentina looked rubbish. Can’t take away the fight Croatia put up and what lovely goals


Anyone used the BBC VR thing?


Seen something come on my PS4 that @VirulentPip has


I was going to - but the reviews said it was a bit r00bish


Actually thought it was really impressive on the PSVR! Got fugging too hot to watch more than half a half though.


Hard to get a pic but that’s through the lenses.


Hahaha - Neymar’s penalty over-ruled by VAR in the Brazil/Costa Rica match.

Sure, the Costa Rica player touched him for less than a second… but he fell over like he was shot!

So glad that VAR is stopping such bullshit.

and as I write this, he’s just got a Yellow for throwing a tantrum. Hope Costa Rica win. Not a pretty game.


I just read this, loving that! I think he’s class but all his play acting does my head in.


Brazil steal it on 91 minutes. They are the better side, so deserved…

But that’s the thing - they have such world class players, it sickens me they have to fake fouls to try and get a penalty…


Neymar has scored… flatters them


What the hell is he crying for? Get a grip.