World Cup


Serbia switzerland had blown that group wide open. The swiss goal to equalise was a peach. Really good game.

Ive stuck my bets on now £1 on russia @ 40/1, £1 on Uruguay at 28/1 and £2 on spain at 4/1


England struggled to pinch a win against Tunisia…

…Belgium are putting them to the sword, two-nil after 15 minutes…

The ENG/BEL match is going to be interesting.

and as I write this: Tunisia score… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


All starting to click for Belgium


That should have been at least 10.


On paper, they look very, very good.



moar werds…


So undeserved… Germany should not have won


Germany are lucky lucky bastards.

But that goal was a bit nice.


And THIS is part of what Southgate has brought to Engerlund. Never say die attitude.

But still, FFS.


Obligatory IT crowd reference


I don’t know if it is because the games are in the evenings or what… but seeing Germany there… just reminded me of being a kid watching Italia 90…


Great goal though


I usually support under-dog teams. But in this instance, fuck Panama and fuck your dirty tactics. Try playing some football. Hope we put another 5 past you.


Also, why is Raheem Sterling?


Yep agree with you there Jes. Put another 5 past em in the second half. We will prob get another load of pens if Panama keep going like that.

Thought this was football not WWE


I have Harry Kane for top goal scorer at 14/1. Today has helped


There’s a snake on the pitch! #UTV #notbitter


Poland are being blown away…


YES! Germany are OUT!!!

England can no longer exit due to Germany winning on penalties!


Well, this has been an odd one so far. Think I may actually watch the match tomorrow - was thinking it would be a dull one given neither team particularly wanted to actually win, but with Germany out the difference is getting less pronounced.

Plus, I figure being a British person in Belgium, no matter the result I can claim it was a good result :smiley: