World Cup


Hm. Just had it pointed out to me that the last time this happened to Germany was in 1938.

Perhaps call up the reservists.


Gotta hand it to Russia - this has been a great World Cup so far. Obviously not all down to Russia, but the stadiums, lack of trouble, look at feel of it all - It’ll be one to remember.


Lack of reported trouble, still think Puttin gave all the hooligans a free holiday to Siberia.

But, this has been a bloody great world cup, and to be fair, after all the fears they have hosted it very well. Some of those stadiums are only for clubs in their second division too!


I also think VAR is awesome… doesn’t create as much of a delay as feared - and took a couple of games to settle down - but the amount of wrong decisions that have been overturned have completely changed who could have possibly gone through in my opinion… equally, there is less and less ‘bullshit’ by players grappling in the box. I consider it a very good thing.


You see the documentary Frankie Boyle did about Russian football hooligans? While he was there people were telling him the FSB had spoken to all the hooligans and told them to stay scarce and not talk to Frankie/the BBC.


ENGLAND… disappointing :frowning:


Meh. Damed if you do, damned if you don’t match. We lost by 1 great goal. No one on either side was going to be playing at 100%. Technically, this was the better result - I kinda think that’s why Southgate made 8 changes… not to lose on purpose, but knowing that with a changed team, it wouldn’t effect the regular 11 if they lost.

Sometimes England can be accused of taking their foot off the gas. I think if England had won that, we’d have gone into the Japan match completely complacent… like it’d be a walk in the park - and we’d probably get our asses handed to us. We’d possibly even consider playing some of the players tonight in it - and that would definitely be a mistake. If Southgate identities any issues, regroups, and keep the focus high it’ll be better for the campaign as a whole.

Vardy isn’t in the zone. Kane is. That’s the important change. Equally, opportunities from the like of Trippier were missing tonight. If England go far, then it might become the Harry Kane show… but I don’t care about that. Better to have a one striker on form than three that can’t hit a barn door.

I think if anything, tonight show you who you might want on as subs in future matches… Loftus Cheek & Alexander Arnold would be my reckoning there. Delph tried, but he’s lacking.

The Colombia match is going to be very difficult I feel.


Was a funny game given circumstances. Nobody seemed out and out “up for it”. But my observations trying to be as ‘neutral’ as an honest Scotsman can be…

England still looked shady at the back. great goal yes, but stil a few blunders that could cost them dearly if they keep em up.
Belgium, also still shady at the back. A better team would have punished them and I mean that, England squandered chances that to be fair, if had been by lesser nations we would say the same. Need to be more clinical.
Loftus Cheek, the biggest guy on the park goes down like the biggest pansie Ive ever known. Stay on your feet lad (But hey, this is football, everyone tries to win freekicks)

Ryan Giggs said other teams will be thinking to keep following up shots on Pickford. Bollox. Class players follow up every shot, regardless if keeper is liable to put it into the daner zone or out the park… Nonsense.

But overall. I still think England have as good a chance as any team this year, , but on flip side I feel any team also has chance against England. Game on. Keep the entertainment coming.


It was a dead rubber game so these “back up” players needed to step to try and get Southgate to stand up and notice them for consideration for Japan/Colombia.

Sadly they failed to spark… we were missing creative play. Shame as it could have been a spectacle.


Spot on Scott. Totally agree with your comment about Gigg’s comment. If you don’t follow up every shot, you’re showing the keeper far to much respect. He’s only got to spill it once… and that goes for any keeper.

I’ll admit that I did miss part the game as I gave the dogs a quick walk at half-time… I thought I saw Loftus Cheek make some good run and stay on his feet through their defence… obviously that must not have been the case everytime. Shame.


Loftus Cheek is a smashing player in my eyes. The way he uses his body to get free kicks and draw players in is 1st class.

Now I only seen the 1st half and both teams looked ordinary if I’m honest.


Profoundly dull game to watch, with a few minor exceptions (ball to face in particular). Indicative? No. Not especially encouraging for a sense of momentum? Yes


Yet still not worse than the Japan/Poland match. They literally stopped moving at one point. Surprised some didn’t sit down and have a rest.



The best moment of world cup? Quite possibly. I was pissing myself…

for those who didnt catch itt


Thoughts as a “neutral” no one team has stood out. The “big boys” have been average, and the smaller teams have been good. 1st world cup I can remember that has been so open. Hard to pick a winner now. I can see every team having issues defending. Not seen one team where I would be worried about not scoring against. This year is probably England’s best chance to win it in my life time. They have one of the best, if not the best (on current form) strikers in the world, and a good set up that is supporting him and playing to his strengths. But defensively they aren’t great and can be sloppy.

For Belgium, see above but replace striker with midfielder. France are a sleeping giant. They have been shockingly bad so far but if they click could easily win it. Brazil, again defence doesnt look great and Neymar looks like a huffy child that isnt getting his way, but we all know what he can do. Argies need to get a better balance to the team and not just try and get Messi in. Same could be said for Portugal and Ronaldo, though they do look slightly better balanced. Spain, I’ve no idea where to start with them! They just don’t look happy at something. The whole manager thing has really thrown them! Keep your eye on Croatia, solid team from front to back and possibly the most complete team there.


France seem to have showed up


ooh la la. Didn they just. Cracking game. Great goals.


Yeah that was a great game and night night Portugal :slight_smile:


Bye-bye Spain.


unbelievable game!