World Cup


The route to the final on one side is now Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, England & Columbia. No ‘major’ teams really.

That’s going to be an incredible opportunity for one of them…


A lot of the big names are dropping out.


It’s an odd one. In theory, many of the major threats have been dropped. On the other hand, the ‘major threats’ haven’t been able to beat an egg, so technically the teams that are left are the dangerous teams.


Is fekin exciting! :slight_smile:


France v Argentina best game of the weekend, Spain Russia was boring, Spain refusing to take chances, brought their own downfall upon them…

Only major team left now is Brazill we have young pretenders in France, Belgium and England but this is a major chance for a “smaller” nation to make history… just like Leicester winning the League!


I thought that too Mic… Then I remember that the season that Leceister won, Spurs were in the perfect position to take that title themselves… And they bottled it. As there are more Spurs players in the England team than any other club, I am predicting illogically that the same is going to happen now.

Russian game wasn’t boring imho. Russia played in a way that gave them a chance. Spain were poor… but it was exciting in respect to not knowing if Russia could hold on for so long


The game was exciting, tactical, but why they didn’t go two up sacrificing a holding midfielder I will never understand. I was cheering Russia in the end as they went forward more - but their passing was just not accurate enough.

1-1 in the denmark/croatia game though


I think this is probably the most exciting world cup that I can remember. Loving all of it


That was a bloody good penalty shoot out! Both keepers where great


great game. I think Croatia’s attacking play will trounce Russia.


Then Croatia can see how good Russia can be when attacking for real…


Wow poor Japan but Belgium out played them in the second hslf


Japan where brilliant. They deserved extra time at least



Sod off grammar thing


How Columbia have 11 men in the pitch is a joke. I’d have had at least 3 off with how they have been with the ref never mind that head butt


England have been very poor. Extremely poor substitutions. We don’t deserve to win because of our skill as much as Colombia don’t deserve to win because of their dirty play.

…It’s gone to pens as I write this. May as well flip a fucking coin. Opportunity wasted by England… and I hate to say it, but I would blame Southgate for decisions… and Sterling/Lingard on the pitch.


Fuckkkk me. Phew.


Feck I think I’ve just sweated more than I did on me tour…


Unbelievable scenes. Fell apart towards the end… I hate watching pens, so nerve wrecking.


So… Sweden are more beatable by us than Columbia…