World Cup


Should be pants, big question is how much has this match taken out of them


Fair shout. I would still cast a wager, and I don’t bet.


There are certain England players not playing to their standard. We should have killed that way before 90 minutes.

Hopefully Southgate can adjust that for the next game. I could accept people not being a full momentum during the knockouts… but not now… not in the QF. Anyone not showing 100% of their commitment and talent needs to be questioned. Sterling is my main concern… he tried tonight… but almost too hard.

With a team hacking the crap out of us like Colombia, we should have been running at their defense… not putting in crosses. We’d have have either goals or more penalties.

Equally, in our first 2 games, there were compliments about our set plays. However, tonight - every cross, corner and free-kick was to Maguire. That was read so fucking easily. He was man-marked by 3 others every time. We need variation.


Personally I would only drop Sterling, He’s off the pace and lacking in confidence in an England shirt. Other than that, more of the same as I have Harry Kane as top goal scorer at 14/1


Swap for who? Me and Jess have a slightly different view :wink:


Rashford/RLC if you want to attack, Dier if you what to take it a bit more cautious


Sterling had 2 good runs through their defense. He could have squared it, but decided to shoot - probably because he’s been told to have confidence in himself. If he did, he’d have probably regained some confidence and been good for the next game. But he didn’t - so he’ll know in himself that this isn’t his tournament. You can’t keep playing him because he’s worth 50 million.

Lingard was good against Tunisia and Panama. His first touch and hold up play was good. Tonight - it was terrible. No runs at the defence. No through balls.

Vardy barely touched the ball when he was bought on. He didn’t even take a penalty. As I argued with Pants on FB - he plays the same position as Kane. Forward striker to put the ball in the net. Except Kane is better.

RLC definitely my choice. Maybe not at the start - play Lingard/Sterling… but if they don’t play the game of their lives by 60 minutes, you have to make changes.

When we went 1-0 up, we immediately played defensively - and it nearly cost us a goal. That’s not how we should play. We can’t let them press for 30 minutes… no matter how good your defence… the law of averages, they only need to get lucky once… and they score.

to quote Starlingrad. “Always Attack! Always Attack!”


I can’t get who RLC is… :frowning:

Agreed on attack. If they score 4, we need to score 5. As I said, we don’t have a creative bloke. Rashford gives pace and directness, mind.


Ruben Loftus-Cheek


@Jester Did you ask somewhere why Vardy didnt take a penalty?

Jamie Vardy suffered a groin strain during England’s win over Colombia and is now doubtful for the upcoming quarter-final against Sweden, Sky sources understand.

Second-half substitute Vardy was due to take England’s fifth penalty in the dramatic shootout on Tuesday night but was unable to do so, with Eric Dier taking and scoring the decisive spot-kick instead.

Thats from Sky Sports


Fair enough. :slight_smile:


I dont think Id agree with that.

Sweden, beat France and Italy to qualify. Draw with Holland. All in all historically been a tough game for England, Another tough test ahead. Thay all said, Columbia beat France in friendlye, and had some ok results leading into world cup. Its a funny old game. The way this world cup has gone, its anyones game and no-one a certainty. Thats for all the remaining games.

Biiiig boost winning penalties. I think the boost from that will outweigh the poor performance in the game. So that should carry them well into ththe Sweden match.


So bitter. If they think their behaviour was acceptable, they bring even more shame on their country. Ironically, when they stopped trying to head-butt and foul us at every occassion in the second half, they actually resembled a decent football team - that were probably more than a match for us. But they didn’t go into the game with that mentality. They thought we were the better side and decided to try and ‘rough-us-up’ to disrupt the momentum and flow of the game.

Their choice. Their fault. Not ours.


That article… wow… just wow…


Did you see what their manager said? He must have watched a different game from me


I see the quote by Maradona in that first article, but I hear Trump’s voice. Same way of phrasing sentences. Same type of argument.


Well Feck me…we didn’t do too bad o n that one. Well done boys


Best chance England will ever have.


not felt like this since 1990 :slight_smile:

Maguire is the new Platt :slight_smile:



And some extra words.