World of Tanks (WoT)


Don’t see any old threads, thought I’d start one here instead of boring people with random results/complaints/glories! Photo’s, updates, news, rants etc, jump in or it’ll just be me gobbing off like an ass - standard :wink:


Very next game I had was the result below. Discovering lots of changes since I last played, not least are the 4 or 5 new maps, but the maps I did know have had some reworking done as well. But the biggest change I’ve seen has been to my beloved light tanks. They have pretty much all been nerfed to oblivion. A quick google search shows me that this is deliberate because people were finding tech tree “sweet spots” and using certain lights like mediums. Or indeed like TD’s - that crazy French ELC AMX has become the AMX ELC-Bis. It used to be a balance between being super nippy and agile and having a TD level gun which took about 8 seconds to aim from stationary and a 15 second reload. Now they’ve killed its speed completely. I enjoyed it but it was never my favourite. I loved this baby - the VK 28.01 with a nice derp gun. Few people played it but it just vibed with me probably because of the ability to load HE and track almost anything. That HE now bounces off almost everything I aim at. Arty still camps where arty camps though :wink:


Yeah they have done a lot to the maps. Looks nice. But as you are finding out , they have also messed around with a lot of the tanks too. Still not sure if I could go back to it


And next game. Started off like 3 - 0 up, but the team crumbled on the other flank. We got capped :frowning: But still loving the VK light. That ability to flank enemies and cause confusion but still survive a couple of shots from mediums can really help a team position themselves. And the spotting range and camo on this thing is nuts with my guys.


I went back to the T1 and 2 tanks thinking I’d need to relearn everything and maybe it helped, but people play like idiots at those tiers. 4 and up in lights and meds, 6 up in heavies get get your eye back in. Getting there.


I reckon T6 is the sweet spot to learn.

ALL pens all in T1 - 4. T6 starts to teach to learn where to shoot.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand - shout me if you want to toon. I R shit, mind… :smiley:


I reinstalled this after ricocheting off of war thunder.

Feels different - can’t get my rhythm back with it, but managed a decent game with an M4 sherman. T5 and 6 are my sweet spots.


Agreed. The tanks become well rounded enough to make a difference from the wacky races of the lower tiers but you’re not worried about losing lots of credits if you fluff it and crash straight out from bad positioning/map reading in a more expensive tank.


T8 is seldom got into cos T8 = t10, basically. T7 is ok to deal with, T6, T5 T4, fairly ok.

I playing WoWs at the mo cos ranked is out. I doing shitty, but meh. Also, tenkz has a season on at the mo - frontline, I think. Which i REALLY enjoyed last time. BIG maps, lots of tenkz


Also, learn double bushing :wink:

Crew and view range are king, second is concealment.


I LIE! Tier 7…

O and if anyone wants to try it (it’s free) please let me know as there’s a referral thing going on where we both get stuff. WoT Pyramid scheme FTW!11!!! :rofl:


Finished work around 1300hrs, played a lot of games today and got hung up ont these “campaigns” you can do, frankly makes you focus on the wrong shit. Spent all afternoon chasing the next whatever then gave up and watched some Netflix. Drank more gin. The came back and forgot about the bloody campaign objectives and just played properly. Achieved the campaign goal, got an ok score, and somehow managed to get a Mark of Excellence on the tank.



Nice going schpoon.

Ive always found that out when i was doing those missions. Try to do them and you wont get it done. Just play to have fun and you more than likely get it done with out even knowing it :slight_smile:


Took the Russian T-44 for a spin this morning and remembered that I’d already unlocked one of the better guns for it. Got a bit confused on another map which was new to me, but caught it up in the end.

Fairly kind of middle-of-the-pack result but put it all on the line to try and help spot the enemy camping in the centre of the map. Way down on tanks, I almost saved my guy in the middle but was just a split second too late. Revenge on the Caearnarvon was my first kill of the round.

Ate a TD shot getting to him but the spot meant my team mate could finish him off, then my tank got shot full of holes!

Final kill was me vs the last of their team - never heard of a TVP VTU but it’s a nimble bugger, we were both one-shots and it made for a really enjoyable finale;

Talk about clawing back a victory! Looking at post game stats though really highlights how much more you get from having a premium account, both in coins and in xp.


Frontline has restarted - essentially t8 BIG assed map divided into sections. It’s essentially a capture the flag. If you die, respawn in another T8 tenk. I like it plenty. BIG maps, so lots of space, many tenkz.

EDIT:- Info here -

Also, if you don’t have any T8 tenkz, you can rent them. :slight_smile:


The older I get the more stupid I feel. I just watched that and I’m now plain confused about the whole thing! lol my brain


Shoot stuff. :smiley:


So I noticed that making coins can actually be good thing (lol) and having a premium tank can help with that if you ain’t got none premium accounts! So I bought the T26E4 and shit the bed I cannot win a round!! I get some middling results within the team, but it just seems to be team wipe after team wipe after team wipe! Only 8 games in but wtf?!!

How’s your experience with the thing? IT’S JUST SO SLOW!!!

(At the same time I bought the American autoloader med - T54E1 - which is a hell of a lot more fun, far faster, agile etc)


Note, for Frontline, can rent stuffs.

Recommend 432, progetto, Skorpion G, maybe Somua - DPM is key. Defender works ok too, as does (miraculously) Chrysler K and JagdT 88, but on either first spawn or attacking / defending last bit of your map cos don’t have to move far / quickly.

Essentially Frontline is a credit farming exercise. So much so that some players are ignoring the main mission bits and simply farming damage. So long as you realise that win or lose is largely irrelevant and that shooting shit is the thing, you be reet. Also note, if defending, after running away from an area to not get carpet bombed, after a short time (I can’t remember exaclty how low) can then go back into it and farm spawn points for damage. Damage (including spotting damage) = rank = silver. I don’t do this, but I’ve not played for a day or so…

Keys are camo and view range and DPM.

As I say, if possible, use premium t0nkz for credit gain and crew trg - don’t be shy to use personal reserves too if you can be sure to use for the whole period. Also, can use T8 grinding t0nkz to help, cos damage = xp and folk are doing 10K damage (not me, I’m averaging around 3k, cos I’m bad) so can be good for advancing. Some folk argue that they can achieve the same sort of “per minute” results in a normal game, though.

Also, spending the coins, don’t really bother with airstrike - I use arty primarily, but may change to the esteem perk. Light t0nkz can equip 3 perks, btw, hence 432 (and it’s Russian and there may or may not be Russky bias in the game…) is recommended.
Eqpt - think (oddly) about camo net and binos - range and “run away and hide to repair” help.

EDIT:- Yeh, super-persh isn’t particularly speedy, but has GREAT armour and good view range as well as being fast firing and reasonable pen. I can’t remember it’s camo ratings, though… Hull down monster too - IIRC can’t be penned in turret by t8 standard ammo unless pixel perfect RNG-gods approved shot to the cupola…


When the T26E4 1st came out it was a beast. Would bounce shots all day long from the front when angled. But then ppl would know the week spots (the pistons on the top of the tank to help the barrel move) and I’m sure that Wargaming have nerfed her bad now.

I’m sure she’s not very good for the war mode thing but in normal battles she is great when used right. I still love my Super Pershing the last time I played.