World of Tanks (WoT)


You always did have a raging hard on for that super long cannon :smiley:


Was nerfed, but power creep so it was shit, so has recently been buffed :wink:

Also, counter to that is to wiggle turret. Mitigate reticule bloom with snapshot skill :wink:


For coin spendage - suggest inspire, recon and arty, in taht order. Inspire is fab for auto-loaders, recon is fab cos it makes 6th sense go off and everyone runs away, arty to, well, drop shit from above.

I had my best Frontline game this evening - armed Borsig waffentraktor thing with 15cm DERP gun for first deployment - HE pen is 85mm and does 700+ to 1200 damage if pen is achieved AP does average 750 damage and good pen - both are TX gunz. Then used jagd88 in last deployment (defending) and did 8840 damage in total. :slight_smile:
Next game about 3.5k, lol.


Yeah I’m still finding my way round the new maps, haven’t tried this Frontline mode yet


Add and shout!

Names of players kplzthx. I R Leepants


Yar - we’re in the clan silly! I be spoonlamp!

I do sometimes see you and Morpicles on but if I’ve only got time for a quick game or 2 I just crack on with trying to get my T9 daily win…


I mean, there’s not much more I could do in a light tank…


2 minutes of everything going well when you get the right map for the right tank at the right place…


Did… you just use a Stürer Emil on a Pz IV H? You heartless, overkilling bastard! :smiley:


And how many Pz IVs have you taken out to play and slaughter lesser tanks in WT :slight_smile:


These are my top 3 german tanks :blush:


Yes, yes I did. And after about a dozen city maps of getting flanked and nuked without hitting a thing it felt pretty damn good as well :slight_smile:


You should be ashamed of yourself not naming the E25 or PzIC.

I approve the Stug though.


It’s OK Zorn. Those tenkz are not in War Thunder yet. That was Cals top 3 tanks in WT


You should be ashamed of yourself talking about WT in here then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I care, I lost interest in Wot long time ago due to the route the company is going.


What was it turned you off? There are a ton of changes that I’m having to get used to after being away for so long…


N/A server only…


The ongoing trend of corridors maps, the lack of bushes for scout tanks, the overused premium ammo which makes armor irrevelant (except the dumb jap. heavy lines), introduction of some op tanks, but most of all the insane greed of Wargaming.

The japanese heavy line was the first dumb decission which made me salty. They condemned the old KV1s as it was considered too good for T6 and changed it. Then they added these monsters, basically impenetrable for most tanks at their tier, equipped with some insane HE derp guns with special premium ammo. Not only does it more damage but gets better pen too,… . The T10 can one shot certain tanks at t8.

The changed MM made T7-T8 a nightmare to play, you get uptiered almost constantly, and good luck in your T7 against T9. The new system 3-5-7 pulls tanks far too much from the lower tiers, so you need more tanks of that tier. For examples if its T9, 3x T9, 5x T T8 and 7x T7. For that reason you get almost always uptiered in T7 andT8 as T9 and T10 otherwise have no one to play with.

This leads to the “preferential MM” insanetity, where they tried to blame the preferential tanks for what their MM chang caused. They then tried to change tanks for that bogus reason which has nothing to do with it, ranting they would be so bad for the MM AND then still sell them like crazy in the store, sometimes even in overpriced bundles? Craziest part was we would need to pay a fee if we wanna keep the tank… .

Some of the latest (premium) tanks were a bloody joke, a money crab par excellence! In the old days premium tanks were slightly worse than their counterparts now they are somewhere between OP and very OP. Just look at some of the new russian heavy tanks, the T8 “Defender” is almost a bloody IS7 (T10) armor wise.

Op russian Tds ( Object 268 V4 for example) at T9-10 which are simply impenetrable from the front, with dumb stats combinations. Like good mobility, insane frontal armor, sloped too, massive boomstick. In the current meta with the corridors you can barely flank anymore, they are just too good.

There were other factors too, the stuff above was just the tip of the iceberg. I might try again, but only if they make significant changes.


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been giving a few games and have quite a few thoughts on the matter as well, but some of them are;

Nearly every TD I come across now has a turret and is faster than my medium. Ok, so they’re probably glass cannons, right? Lol, wrong. And what is it with that door wedge thin TD that just bounces everything?

Light tanks have been completely gutted. They dropped some a tier, nerfed them (fine I guess they went down a tier) but they still have no real function without spamming premium ammo. They still come up against higher tiers than them but at least in the old days you were the fastest. That leads me onto…

Wheeled vehicles. So apparently Wargaming nerfed and gutted the light tank lines in an attempt to stop good scouts rushing forward and spotting all the slow moving heavies getting into position. The change stopped people from doing any active scouting at all as they no longer have the speed to get out of trouble. So they “fixed” that by introducing wheeled vehicles. Ridiculously fast, amazing handling, advanced gun tracking, high pen rounds. Thus making all other scouting tanks useless. They literally run rings around light tanks and can still shoot you while they do it. Half of me thinks they put them in just to stop people hating on artillery so much…

The gold tanks. Like you said they’ve gotten ridiculous now and people are prepared to pay the money (yes I own 2). These combined with the premium ammo spam is just horrendous.

And finally the SPG’s - even they’ve had an upgrade. Some of them are faster than my medium tanks. They can still blast you in the face or loop shots over rocks from across the map. Last time I checked the M44 is one of the most profitable vehicles to play, so…derp?!



Well some of what you wrote is factually not 100% correct. Let me explain:

The swedish tanks (door wedge thing) might bounce most AP/APCR rounds BUT they can be overmatched by almsot any decent HE round in their tier. Especially at T10 it has 40mm of armor so you only need a 80mm caliber gun to overmatch it. Every tank at T8+ has that and even most at T7. For T8 its even only a 60mm caliber as its onyl 30mm of armor.

The new wheeled tanks have garbadge spotting range ( 310m at T8 vs. around 370ish for most lights), they are more of an addition than a substitute to light tanks. The accuracy while moving and speed are disgusting though … the amount of lead you need to give is just dumb. Even with a decent connection its hard to do and mine is beyond help! Welcome to the rebirth of the T-50-2 back in the old days which jsut circled you to death!

You are right though that light tanks were kind of fucked over by the patches but for slightly different reasons. The idea WG had was to give them bad penetration values and decrease their spotting range so we have to build for viewing range instead of gun handling, to differentiate them more to the medium tanks. The problem however is now we have the opposite, medium tanks which are better at spotting than your standard light tank and have similar speeds too. God knows what theya re thinking, too much vodka I assume? With the lack of flanking and concealment in most maps you need to fire far more premium than you should need to due to the very bad accuracy and penetration values! The gun nerfs were just obscene, DPM nerfed, accuracy nerfed, penetration nerfed without any real buffs.

The Lt100 tank is still an awesome light tank at T10, its fast enough (average speed around 60ish I would say), decent armor and good camoflage but it needs so much premium ammo. Thats actually the main reason I was pissed of with the patch in the beginning. The RU251 was my absolute favourite tank, small, excellent viewrange and gun, very quick but still controllable. The new T10 is just fast, too fast and the gun is awful. The LT100 is what the German T10 should have been! But no we can’t have that, a GOOD German tank ? Fuck that lets give it to the Russians… and nerf the T9 German tank too.

Later I realised the main problem for all lights are the corridors, lack of bushes and the penetration nerf combined with the accuracy nerfs. Even worse then before the “patch”. Even if you are not spotted its easy to guess where scouts are as there are at most maybe 2 bushes where they can hide.

The arty change was both a gift and punishment at the same time. Great we are not getting oneshot anymore (no AP shells) but now we get perma stunned and HEed to death. Especially for light tank counter play it defintely got barely better, we have so little armor that the HE shells still hurt a lot.

Well they announced a premium ammo change, but I wonder if they also retune most tanks for that? I hold my horses and until then ignore the shit out of World of Tanks and watch the occasional rent of the typical people on youtube :smiley: .