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Scouty gubbins -


Sorry pants but whats your point? You know I barely played something beside light tanks, I used to know most of the good scout positions like the back of my hand (at least on familiar maps). It doesn’t change the fact that the current meta in WoT heavily favors heavy tanks and TDs and the overal unsatisfactory state of the game.

That map is one of the few leftovers where scouts can have a bit more impact. But I’m tired of hoping for Prokhorovka, Murovanka and such for a good scout map. He even mentions the problem with blind shots in the first 2min.

I prefer Tazlion for scout gameplay. Too bad he stopped playing 1year ago! Funny, almost the same time as me.

A fun one, had me in tears of anger a while ago. Similar stuff happened to me every now and then and I thought it was jus tmy connection or they double bushed.


I get you, Zorn. I have stopped grinding all LTs except the Russkie (I think - it may be Ze German) as they are pointless at TX.

I DO find them useful at mid tiers due to crew skills and mobility - camo on the move is the biggy. CAN do damage (tracking), or use mobility to circle. I am crap at knife fights but have taken down a few Progettos and other tenkz in Frontline mode (so same tier) with LTs by circling and occasional use of auto-aim. They CAN snipe, side on effectively against most tanks, especially when double bushing (usually works) but it’s difficult and on city maps they are a nightmare - I tend to go with bigger stuff once I’ve done spotting run(s) as they are likely to get shot at and not me.

Camo / spotting is a complex process and DEFO reliant on crew skills and equipments (both yours and your enemies, again for me the “bonus” is the mobility and also the camo on the move gubbins.

But yeh, they real hard to play above t7 unless you have 3 or more crew skills (camo, BIA then viewrange / shooting on the move) skills. But they ARE do-able. 4Tankers and a dog is basically a LT player, but normally in a platoon, so his videos are useful to a point.


You’re right dude, most of my ramblings are a first impression after coming back and not 100% accurate at all! But that slice of cheese TD ruined me in my T54E1 auto-loader. I was last alive from my team hunting him, an arty and a med. Came across him first, he ambushed me and tracked me so all I could do was unload my clip into his front. All I achieved was a track, all the rest bounced. Then he killed me during the 20 seconds or whatever reload I have. I do carry a clip of heat but it’s rare that you get the chance to swap to it unless you’ve got time between engagements and know you’re about to hit an open-top TD or spg. I’ll know for next time though. :+1:


Bouncy bouncy.

I need to learn the angles better as I get penned cos Special Ammo spam…

In related news, seems Kranvagen, IS4 and E100 are due to be buffed this year.


Ahhh I remember when I 1st git my IS4 all those years ago. Was an absolute beast


I stopped grinding that branch cos it’s shit now :’(

For now :wink:


I predict IS4 will get “over buffed” cos there’s defo NO Russkie bias…


Lol no…neva :slight_smile:

Altho when I got the IS7…omg :)…but as I said…that was a looooooooooong time ago


I r got IS7 - I R not good in it. :smiley:

I got about 6 TXs… HAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX!!!1111!!!


How cn you afford to run them??!! I lose money more often than I make it and that’s in my T9’s!!!


Dont make me re install it to see how many I got :wink:


I rarely use them, tbh! I’m bad at Tx and current meta is that every fecker shoots gold ammo, so the armour is irrelevant.

I enjoy BatChat most, but I like using Patton too. I re-allocated Yank heavy crew to T29, so I don’t use that…


Doowit, j00 fanjita :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:- In fact, wanna gimme yer log in details? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

#55 - skip to 9 minutes… Look on bottom left :muscle::star_struck: