Wtf graphics card prices?


Im doing a bit of it here at work. Not getting much but interesting watching it all work and better that its the works power rather than mine at home :slight_smile:


Have a look at alt coins, ethereum and the like, and again only put in what you can afford to lose. I’ve put £15 in, £10 in bitcoin and £5 in ethereum. Bitcoin has crashed through the floor in the last month so if you want to get into it, look at buying soon, and I’ve made about 10% on ethereum, not a huge amount given what I put in, but it’s been fun to play with and learn about.


1 left if anyone’s looking:


If you want to earn from scratch then your best joining a pool that could maybe earn you about £20-£30 on some of the newer currencies (cant recall which ones). It is basically a no go on your own. It is basically a lottery/percentage game at the hit rate you will have on your own against groups and farms etc. But I would have major trust issues with this.

Brother in law in oz bought some bitcoin for $500 oz, and sold em for around $750 a couple of months later. May be that is the way to go. But remember kids. Your investment can go down as well as up. /work disclaimer mode.

I think. /off topic


Well BTC is down to around $7K in less than a month. – That might start slowing down miners. I imagine there will be people starting to bail out…

Lloyds has even stopped people buying Crypto on their credit cards… probably a safe move for something so volatile…


RPS article about ‘The Great GPU Crisis’

Also, be careful about buying in to anything at this point. This ArsTechnica talks about ‘Tether’, a cryptocurrency which is supposed to follow the value of the dollar and supposedly has one dollar in the bank for every coin in circulation - its looking like a big fat house of cards.

Other currencies are different, but with the wallet thefts, vanishing currencies, out-right scam currencies and currencies propped up on iffy Hong Kong bank accounts in different peoples’ names, it is all sounding pretty risky.