WTF is Sharpening in GFX settings

I don’t get it really it makes the image look very edgy

Witcher 3 with max sharpness settings

witcher 3 same settings but NO shapness

now is this setting purely subjective or is there a point to that sharpness setting?

also the clouds would not stop moving so the lightning is a bit off damn fake weather!

Sharpening is a filter often used in photography. Its some sort of highlight for edges, usually uses a highpass filter, thats what makes your picture look “edgy”. A small amount is usually all it needs.

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i feel like it gets included in games for screenshots rather than something you would run with all the time, but i guess it’s just aesthetics so some people may prefer the way it looks.

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I agree Ad, I think its purely down to preferences of the user.

I suppose the effect may look different using different types of screen etc.

Its a bit like motion blur…I turn that off as I don’t like the effect :slight_smile:


haha, with you on the motion blur too. and quite often depth of field, depending on the game.

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cheers guys :smiley: was also looking at the chromatic something could really tell what was happening so left it off XD