Xbox 1 freebie games for kids


Got a skint mate who suffers with depression, anxiety etc so can’t work and who’s son was bought xbox1 by hi grandad for Xmas. He’s looking for games, of course! He hs xbox live, but unsure if he has any game pass or similar. Soooooooo, recommendations, please, especially for co-op games so dd and son can game together would be fab! Also, any resource to get free xbox1 stuff, including passes etc.
Also, if anyone has a spare controller knocking about that they would like to donate…
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1 month of gamepass on cdkeys at is £3. The amount of stuff on gamepass is worth it. On my xbox i have an offer for 1 month for £1 don’t know if thats for every one tho.

Any of the old lego games are good co-op the 360 ones should be backwards compatible to.

Don’t use the xbox all that much so not 100% up on whats good on there. If a 16 rated shooter is ok Halo master chief collection is on gamepass thats 4 games all with co-op.


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