Xbox game compatibility to Windows


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When a company takes a beating they usually have to get creative to win back an audience and i think thats what Microsoft are doing. Nintendo did it with the Wii after the Gamecube was last place and sony did it with the PS3 to the PS4 they need to push new ideas like this to win over more people.

I was butchering some words in response but this is what I was getting at - with the beating they’ve taken with the end of last gen and what happened this gen, this move feels reactionary as you said.

so that’s a ‘No, you don’t need to buy a whole console just to play through RDR2’, or not?

This was my first thought as well…

it’d be a win for MS; if i bought a console for it it would’ve been a ps4…

Yeah basically means no one will ever need to buy an xbox lol That’s how I see it … PS4,Switch and PC… Sorted for all the games.

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well some of the wording seemed like it was a going forward thing but i might be reading that wrong. Plus it most likely be first party titals only like halo. forza, gears and other stuff.

side note walking to a mate at work and we agreed that Microsoft haven’t got any good first party single player story driven games and i think thats weird.

I played latest forza on PC a coupla months ago - I don’t have it on my xbox. Is via xbox app.