Xbox Game Pass coming to PC

Here’s more news along with pricing, games etc. It’s got me interested that’s for sure.

Full list of games available for £3.99 a month (£1 for first month atm) it’s a steal!

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Oh…damn. Damn, that’s quite a good list.

…I don’t know how I feel about this.

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Ah okay, so the £3.99 is the price while it’s in BETA… Windows needs to be on version 1903 and uses a new Xbox BETA app. After it will be £7.99 p/m which to be fair is a decent price, those that also use an xbox with live gold can upgrade to an ultimate pass thing which is $14.99 (can’t find £ prices) - Scrap that yes I can…

imtempted by the ultimate pass might get me to use by xbox more

Might sell my Xbox. Not been used in over a year

Not looking like a long term sub for me, especially since Halo is coming to PC (including Steam apparently) separately anyway, though there are a few games on that list I wouldn’t mind trying out when I’ve jumped up to Windows 10.

Well Halo Infinite will come to Game Pass Day 1… Along with all Xbox Game Studio titles and a few 3rd party. Blair Witch was one I think… Might be a way to save a few buck when it gets into full swing.

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Also including all Halo’s

Announced at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, the pass boasts over a hundred games, including Metro Exodus, Football Manager 2019, Forza Horizon 4 and, most importantly, Halo Reach, once it releases as part of the drip feed roll out of the Halo Master Chief Collection for PC.

These subscription things are an interesting premise, but I’ve been doing my best to do away with as many subscriptions as I can. Only things I have going are Netflix and my phone. I think I did away with 5 others.

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Not Halo 5 Guardians ( not missing much is a bit guff )

Anyone going to be checking out Blair Witch when it comes on the 30th I think?

For anyone that’s been thinking about it…

Dammit, I signed up too early :smiley: