Xbox wired controller for pc use

Hi folkses.

Looking at maybe buying an Xbox controller for pc gaming.

Question - is it worth spending on an ms genuine one, or will a cheap one be OK?


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the official xbox one pads are good quality and work outa the box all you need is a USB to micro or mini usb i donno what one is what


I would not buy a cheap controller ever, the button quality on them drives me nuts and they tend to have very poor quality control. Sure they might work well for 6months if you are lucky, but then they might start to fall apart.

You might wanna consider a PS4 controller as well. The positioning of the Dpad is much nicer and they fit smaller hands better. If you go wired there is virtually no difference between PS4 or Xbox controllers for PC regarding compatibilty (steam support both out of the box). The only main difference is the analog and dpad positioning.

If you give no shit about anything than the standard Xbox controller works well. It comes with a micro usb to usb type a cable. However IF you wanna spend more for some extra functionality I can recommend the XBOX elite controller.

It is a frigging powerhouse of a wireless controller and if you compare it to its driect competetion, price wise the most affordable. It is one of the cheapest with paddels. I can’t handle the stupid shoulder buttons so these are a godsent. They improved the handeling a lot for me due to the position of the paddles, and the customisation options (dpad, stick variants). They allow to configure travel of the triggers buttons too which will make them a bit crisper. I’m running two on my PC via wireless but you will need a specific xbox wireless receiver. They work of course also via cable which is included in the box (same micro usb to type a). By far my favourite until now and I own them already for over 5 years. They still work and all the buttons are nice and responsive with a very tactile feel.

Another option would be the wired Razer Raion Gamepad if you like propper dpads. This has a few nice additonal features like turbo functionality (you hold the button and it triggers consecutive events of the button) which can come in handy. The best part are the quality cherry activated buttons. NO analog stick though!

There are a few semi custom options which can offer addtional features. One would be scufgaming (or beavercustoms). I hate scufgaming, total ripoff. They make you pay for every fucking detail, even the frigging cable and transport box (for a 90USD+ price). The xbox elite is the better choice in 90% of the use cases. Did never try beavercustoms.

Of course this is all from the perspective of me playing fighter games or 2D platformers which require precise movements and very respsonsive (and “tactile”) buttons.


Spend the dosh and do it right the first time with official stuff. First hand experience.


Yes is for steam gubbins. I didn’t think of PS controller…

EDIT:- Although my joystick is now working ok. Always helps if you place a USB 2 device into a USB 2 socket and not a USB3 one… :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Really shouldn’t make a difference. USB3 ports will downgrade to USB2 in 99% of cases.

We all knew you were the 1%, Pnats :heart_eyes:


Be careful with the Razer Pants, as I said it has NO analog stick which means you can’t control the field of view in most games and are restricted to 8 directional movement. I mainly play games that don’t require it but if you wanna use it in any 1st person shooter (COD) or similar game (Monster Hunter, Horizon zero Dawn … ) you will have trouble.

It is fairly nice though and different due to different button layout (6 buttons instead of 4 + 2 shoulder).


If you wanna play ONLY fighter games or any type of 2d platformers (Child of Light, River City Girls, Skullgirls, Street Fighter, Ori, Dead Cells …): Razer Raion Gamepad

If you want to play 1st person shooters on it too

PS4 controller - better for smaller hands, differently located dpad

standard XBOX - better for larger hands or longer fingers

XBOX elite - outstanding custom options, nice sturdy hardshell case, completely remapable buttons (paddles for trigger for example), shorter trigger travel distance (“crisper”), can be made wireless with an optional wireless dongle

Want for flying, Zorn.

N0tchy - is what I thought too, but it no likey. St00pid fing.

Then don’t buy the Razer! I would suggest the XBOX elite, the extra paddles could come in handy as I guess you will have lots of buttons mapped on it.

Are you sure it supports a controller? Seems a bit odd for a flight sim…

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Slight user error, buddy… Joystick works ok, now :slight_smile: