Xcom 2 War of the Chosen

Just completed it again… for maybe the third or fourth time? Love how I complete it slightly differently each time.

and then I notice that CDKeys has War of the Chosen DLC is down to £15 from £35.

So tempting. Hmmmm. Got great reviews - anyone played it?

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A little :slight_smile:
War of the chosen is god damn excellent. A really good expansion.

if you’ve got it you’ll get the Legacy Pack which is a series of bespoke mission chains. They unlock some minor cosmetic stuff.

BTW - Reaper, if specced right, is OP as anything. That and mimic beacons!

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That’ll do as a recommendation.

Love mimic beacons… this time my squad had 4 on them.

One combo that worked for me this time was using 2 snipers, one with the ability that allows you to fire on every enemy once with the pistol, and the other with the advanced overwatch that fires at everyone in the ‘cone’. When you discover an enemy group, the pistol shots disrupt all of them (I had bluescreen rounds too) - and then the second sniper mops them up as they run off. Towards the end with superior scopes and other bonuses, it was absolutely deadly.

If you don’t kill everyone, you just reaper the rest.

Happy days.

i hear its terrible and you shouldnt buy it :sunglasses::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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+1 to what Xander said.

I feel like you guys don’t march into a map with nothing but grenadiers and destroy anything that moves…

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My preference is a reaper, a sniper and some random troopers.

FYI Jes - Reapers are faction troops you can recruit in War of the Chosen (So you should buy it :P)

Reaper should have demolition, silent killer and homing claymores. Two reapers is amazingly OP.

There’s a perk combo which prevents the stealth breaking if you get a kill on an enemy. It’s poorly worded but if you get those two perks on one reaper, then the explosive perks on another, you can silently wipe out an entire map with two units (potentially)

ahhhhhhhh that makes more sense. Thought you were talking about the Reaper special ability.