XCOM War of the Chosen


Been looking forward to this for ages, and it was absolutely worth it!

It re imagines the base XCOM 2 Campaign with new bosses and factions. And they are superb fun. The game’s been seriously upgraded too - looks better, runs better, and feels far better balanced. No longer does it feel like you have to win every battle - there’s a lot more flexibility to how you can run it and feels like they’ve made the early game a lot more manageable.

The best feature though? Photobooth! You can create posters of your soldiers, which then appear in your base and in the game levels. It is superb! Really sells the story of your XCOM army over time.

Other things? There’s a bond system now, where soldiers have different bond levels with others and fighting together strengthens them, allowing chain abilities. Also, if one dies it sends the other into a berserk mode that guns for everyone. Which is neat :slight_smile:

Below are some of mine:


Also, recommend the following mods, they make the customisation infinitely better:

Capnbubs accessories
Adds nightvision, berets and other tacticool assortments:

symmetrical arms
Lets you have far more say in how the armour works by adding more varieties. Ignore the error, it works fine with WOTC:


Well, I bought this today on GMG as it was 15% off, saving me €6. Just have to do the 30GB download for it now. Might get a chance to play it tomorrow at some point.


Fucking hell, this took almost 12 hours to download! Looking forward to firing this up, but still a bit disappointed that I have to restart the campaign!


Definitely on my wishlist as I love XCOM2 - but not at that price (£35)… I know it’ll be in a Steam sale by XMAS. I appreciate that it is almost a games worth of content in the form of DLC, but it is still DLC. Would pay £20-£25 for it, and probably will.


Tactical Legacy pack is being released for this on October 9th :slight_smile: For free.

New missions, map editor and some other stuffs.


Looks like it’s time to synch another 100 hours in the bestest best game :smiley:


I remember why I stopped playing Xcom 2 in the first place - something is really, really broken about this game.

They seem to have confused ‘challenging’ with ‘completely fucking unfair’.

I’m just not having fun playing it. I could give a flying fuck what people think about save scumming, but it seems almost mandatory in this game.

The enemies have attacks so cheesey I checked the steam page for a lactose intollerant warning. Seriously, whoever designed the tongue attack on those pieces of shit snakes needs their sex organs crushing in a vice. Was it not bad enough to have the mind control aliens that always hit and force you to build mind control hats to take up your slots? Do we really need a tongue attack that is then followed up with a bind attack both of which land pretty much every time?

And holy Apophis the hit chances and how little relation the position of your character seems to have on how likely you are to hit. I have Spark’s giant electric gonads resting on this shit box snake who had successfully tongue snared and bound my team three times without fail, I’m pointing my car sized gun at its fuck knuckle face: 37% chance to hit…

Right…ok, erm, maybe its simulating how dangerous it would be to shoot at the snake while my guy is snared.

Robotic ball resting happens again later in the mission, this fucker can see the serial number printed on Spark’s individual robonuts: 47% chance to hit…

Not that it mattered a fucking jott: 91% chance to hit? enemy in the open? Stood basically in thier pocket? Miss.

Weapon does 3-5 damage? Enemy has no armour pips? 2 damage.

5-6 damage? 4 damage.

And all that is before the missions decide to drop you in the middle of infinitely spawning enemies or the enemies Deus Ex Machina their way out of a good shit-pushing-in - Just about stamp on that two legged robo prick’s rusty metal donger? NO YOU DON’T BRO HAVE SOME INFINITELY SPAWNING STEROID TERMINATORS!!

Have enough fire power to stamp that stupid blue snake prick’s face in to the pavement in one turn? NO YOU DON’T, EVERY TURN IS SNAKE’S TURN TOO!

No, I’m not running in head long, yes I’m using flanking, yes I’m utilising abilities, yes I’m doing research, yes I’m making sure I rotate my team so they all level, yes I’m playing a tactical strategy game with tactics and strategy. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh warble warble warble.



I’m talking about just Xcom 2. I’ve not jumped in to War of the Chosen yet - have any of these things been ironed out or are you still going to miss when you have a 99.9999999% chance to hit?


Yeah, it can be incredibly frustrating. I don’t bother with the mind cap enhancement to protect against psyonic attacks - just wastes a space in the inventory. Much more useful are the flashbangs - that will break the mindcontrol and can be launched from huge range by your grenadier.

To combat snake grabs, I either rely on a decent Sniper or the Ranger with the sword. They have a skill that can rush and still take a turn meaning they can usually close the distance down. Remember that once freed from the grasp, the player gets their full turn - so it can be a really useful way of moving your players into the action fast… depending who is grabbed of course.

Personally, I find the difficulty on Xcom2 like a cliff edge. It starts incredibly hard… and if you don’t research things quickly it continues to get frustratingly difficult. However, you do seem to suddenly hit a point where you get the upper hand and it is like you’re willing taking on more and more enemies because you know you have the means to spank them. Researching the bluescreen rounds for example - which totally fucks up all the mechanoid units (and makes them easier to hack).

I last played through XCOM2 about a month or so ago - but I had 4 attempts (where I got a fair way in) before I thought “fuck it, this isn’t going to happen” - and I restarted the entire campaign again.