Yet another vulnerability on Intel CPUs. They call it SPOILER


Just dropping this link in here.



I was reading about a ‘Heartbleed’-like vulnerability discovered in a lab setting that it isn’t possible to defend against and goes as far as being able to create and run code on the CPU that the defence mechanisms available do not have the permission to even check.

Heck, the one from way back that could write its self to the firmware of a HDD so even if the disc(s) are wiped, can just restore its self from the firmware was scary enough!



looks at PC case…

…sees AMD Ryzen CPU…

…walks on by



So my old AMD based PC is immune to everything and my newer Intel based one is vulnerable to a lot of random shit that may or may not affect me :rofl:

Do you reckon that Intel cooked any special LIMITED EDITION bugs into my 8086k cpu!? :rofl:

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I’m sure they cooked some special bugs in to it :slight_smile:

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There is an innocuous file on your system somewhere that was generated the first time you booted that contains a randomly generated, random length integer.

That random integer acts as a counter and counts down by one every time you use a windows shortcut.