Youtube losing their minds for anyone else?

Any one else getting seriously dodgy ads on youtube recently?!

This one popped up under a video that was debunking ‘alternative remedies’ and then stayed on my feed for the rest of the day:

This one randomly appearing in my feed:

I’ve had every variation of ‘wife finder’ you can think of, GILF dating ads, loads of detox ones…properly annoying.

inb4 “Adblock”, this is through the app on my phone that I use a lot because the browser version is slow as fuck on mobile.

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I mean, with my search history, I think that would be an improvement.

That said, I have noticed that as well :smiley:


I watch youtube on me mobile with adblocker browser does away with silly ads

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Ack, Youtube on mobile browsers is absolute gash though, even slower with plugins. I’m too impatient!

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I wish I had those ads! fed up with the Game Of Thrones one! Maybe I need to search for more porn! :thinking:


I have noticed that I have been getting more rando recommendations from other countries channels recently.

I only watch youtube on PC really so ad blocker helps me there but its only recently it started to recommend channels from lots of random countries. Sure I have watched the odd video with CC enabled but it has gone bonkers recently with it.