Youtube subs - who do you follow?

Off the back of the podcasts thread I thought I’d post a youtube subs thread up!


  • Joe Scott - One of my favourites. He does more than science/tech but that seems to be his bread and butter. I find his videos really interesting, especially this one about some crazy quantum physics fuckery.
  • SciShow - General science videos produced to be accessible to as many people as possible. They cover a huge range of science topics. Really good watch.
  • SciShow Space - All in the name. The SciShow peeps doing space-specific videos.
  • Cody’sLab - A mental American dude who does a lot of chemistry videos including making explosives, but also a lot of random stuff like reopening a mine on his property so he can make an engagement ring for his missus.
  • Explosions&Fire2 - Basically an Australian Cody’s lab but focusing purely on chemistry. Dude is batshit and I love him. This is his second channel after youtube killed his first because it essentially showed you how to make explosives from household stuff. His new one is the same but has so far stayed up.
  • Kurzgesagt - Science explained as simply as possible with incredible animations. Super good.


Miniatures and boardgames

  • Occulus Imperia - The style he uses is as love/hate as marmite but he does 40k lore in the character of an Imperial scribe. I love his stuff.
  • Miniwargaming - I hate these guys. They run a mini gamestore/centre between them and make a living from that and videos of battle reports, reviews, tutorials…all sorts. Lucky bastards.
  • Watch It Played - Videos running you through how to play different boardgames, covering all the rules and clarifying dodgey rules/rulebooks (He was invaluable for Zombiecide!).
  • Leutin09 - I have a real love/hate relationship with this channel. The guy annoys the absolute shit out of me sometimes with his arrogance and other times with his ultra-uber-longwinded descriptions, but he digs down in to 40k lore and his videos can be interesting.


  • [READ-ACTED] - The guy takes the SCP stories and voices them, getting in voice actors for some of the parts. A bit cringeworthy sometimes and only really for fans of SCP.
  • Brandon Rogers - Comedy skits done by a complete mentalist. Found him through his two Aunt Fee (Part 1, Part 2 - VERY NSFW) videos which are incredible. Don’t like all his stuff but there are some gems.
  • ColdFusion - Short documentary-style vides about all things from Science to Politics and everything else.
  • Jeb Gardener - I love this guy because his videos are weird as hell but he really knows his stuff when it comes to growing plants/veg especially hydroponics.
  • Nerd City - Unfortunately his recent videos have descended in to pure youtube/social media drama videos, but his earlier videos are interesting dives in to shady goings on across some youtube channels and social media peoples.
  • Plainly Difficult - A mixture of ColdFusion and Joe Scott done by a bloke from the UK. Covers a lot of stuff about accidents and disasters, particularly nuclear-related ones.
  • Primitive Technology - A dude in New Zealand who spends his time in the forest learning how primitive people from the past lived. Doesn’t speak a word so make sure you have captions on for descriptions of what is going on in the vid. The guy goes from stick and branch shelters to fully clay-brick huts with clay tiles made using a variety of different kinds of kiln/furnace.
  • Vinheteiro - Found completely accidentally, he does music-based videos, mostly piano.


I watch a lot more YT these days especially on my 50" tele - So I’ll probably have a nosey through your subs.

Linus Tech Tips - Although much of it is taken with a pinch of salt, some articles are funny - but not so much these days. Feels more like “Oh look LG have sent me another 60” TV that I’ll put in my living room". Oh, great…

Colin Furze - Because he’s just the fucking best, makes crazy stuff and a local lad. I wish I had his ability to make anything (and his garage)

Pilot Joe - For geeky pilot information from a real pilot. Nice to get explanation on technical stuff like navigation

Look Mum No Computer - I actually subscribe to this guy on patron too - basically makes music from a massive home made synth as well as a lot of other stuff. Does a monthly live session which I sometimes tune in for a chill out too. Nice to watch him work.

Biffa plays Indie - A tea-drinking Brit who plays a lot of Cities Skylines. Shows a lot of the good mods off (like traffic stuff) - and good to learn techniques as well as just follow his massive city.

Louis Rossman - Watched for a long time with him doing low level board repairs. Reminds me of times when I used to do similar. He’s recently moved office/shop and it’s been interesting him deal with NY real estate. Kinda fun when he rides around NY while talking.

LiveOverflow - For when I want to feel inadequate about my own skillset.

TheraminTrees - To put a different perspective on life. General psychology and stuff.

There are loads of others like Coding with Mosh etc.


What culture. Maiming the wrestling one but the gaming channel is good too.


Ozz Man Reviews!!


LTT - I just love his stupid over the top projects. I mainly loved his crazy server builds but as Jester already said, recently it s a lot of “Add” content

Biffa plays Indie - Having a british (?) person explain how to build a proper street network in arguably one of the best city sims is kinda mesmerizing. Good source for tips too.

Binging with Babish - food stuff, tips and tricks combined with movies, whats not to like

My “viewing” pleasures are mostly related to topics.

MHW, is my hottest game right now with Iceborne. It is tough as nails but god is it rewarding playing. Rurikhan, Team Darkside, JinJinx and Tuna [Monster Hunter Math] and TheGameconomist are probably the best channels and all for different content. Rurikhan is your typcially game youtuber, some knowledge for the dirty casuals, Team Darkside turns it up to 11 with some crazy speedruns and world records and the last two have some serious solid build start ups. An all time favourite is Maximilian Dood, a friggin legend for Fighter players, no matter if you grew up with SF, MK, Smash, KI, GG or god knows what else. Chances are high you came across him. The knowledge, reach and crazy projects he was involved in are unprecedented.

I still enjoy Quiet Shy, a Warframe youtuber with an “aquired taste” of humor. Otherwise I stopped watching most of the others Warframe stuff, last year was a huge dissapointement.

I have plenty of Engineering related content. My favourite is definitely “This Old Tony”. Extremely witty and clever videos, not only with a good dose of humor but some really solid machining knowledge too. Similar style is possibly Ave but with a wider scope. He does mainly “tool reviews” but goes onto a rant about something at least once per video. He recently started some sort of “community funded” milling machine, bloody nuts idea. If you like learning engineering you won’t be dissapointed.

If you just like building shit I have plenty to choose from. “I like to make stuff” and Diresta are more about general stuff. The latter is more of a blog style channel, whereas the former has detailed instructions how to make certain things. Both useful over the last year for problem solving or simply to just enjoy something alongside. For woodworking Frank Howarth is probably one of the best and with the most variety. He started with bowls, but he does so much more these days. Similar to April Wilkerson, or Laura Kampf (German :D). Both started as woodworker but got some really diverse content over the years. Speaking of that, Adam Savages Tested is pretty nice. Wild mixture of nerd culture, mixed with theatre and special effect “projects” all the way to custom made arcade cabinets. I love watching there stuff as I never know what I might learn from a random video, either for work or for some projects I’m working on. Otherwise I’m subscribed to plenty of leather tutorial related stuff. Ah Crimson Guitars was a recent discovery, around last year in summer, fuck do I love that guy. Bit strange at the start and it felt kinda staged but then I really enjoyed it. Even for me not interested in Guitars, I kinda wanna build one. Similar with Alec Steele, started following 3-4 years ago (?) when he started with daily videos about blacksmithing, now he has one of the biggest channels on the subject. Gotta love his channel, he shows everything from failure to finished product and you are alongside the whole project with all the pitfalls and “heureka” moments.

Food wise Bon Appétit has a few of my favourite shows like It’s Alive or Gourmet Makes. I started watching them for information (Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Hot sauce) but then watched basically everythign in there repertoire. Light hearted topics with lots of knowledge sprinkled in. The french Guy is also pretty awesome. His sort of sciency approach to food and tryingto pick every aspect of it apart has something refreshing I can relate to :smiley: .

I could go on but I would probably not stop too soon … . Here is my watch later list, everything mixed in, except stuff I have dedicated playlists for.

Giant wall of text, got carried away?


Personally, I am starting to watch more YT than production TV. Especially when it is less “shiney” - for example, I sometimes watch a guy who I know from Twitter who films from a reshackled garage and tests/reviews tools. He’s only got 800 followers, but knows his stuff and isn’t influenced by sponsorship etc


I enjoy some YT on the side when I either cook or do crafty things, or at work as background noise. Its a great resource for me to learn things, most of my leatherwork knowledge stems from it combined with some experience. It is great entertainment with showcasing some solid craftsmanship. Who doesn’t like watching someone building a giant German Zweihaender or Viking sword. You never know when it might come in handy :smiley: .

The rest is just for entertainment, I like watching other people do similar stuff, like playing similar games. It is a wild mixture of getting some tips for myself, like in in technical more challenging games and enjoying their character/personality . Or simply to find new games, Wanderbots for example let me discover multiple Indiegames so far I would have missed otherwise. Like Hades, Risk of Rain, Children o Morta or River City Girls… .

BTW. I can highly recommend Tested to you “Warhammer” nerds. They have a paid subscription with lots of behind the scenes content, or specifically made content for the premium members. Especially painting “statues” or “figurines”, Diorama etc., prop making. Like how to make ice, smoke or water splash effects. They also have a few specialist guests every now and then. I could give you my login information to ave a look if someone is interested :wink: .

I mainly watch TV/Netflix when I eat. There are a few exceptions, really good shows like Altered Carbon or The Witcher where I might just sit down in the evening and enjoy a good beer alongside.

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Old video of Vinheteiro’s but the sort of video that youtube’s algorithm lead me to his channel:

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Don’t normally sub to things, but wifey and I do like a bit of Urbex (watching, not doing) and these guys are really good.

A couple of guys who really respect the places they visit, have great production and also bother do do some research into their explorations.


Just had a wee watch of them exploring an old steel plant in Belgium. Reminded me of being a kid, about 8 maybe 9 years old. School holidays few of us would go explore an old dairy which had shut down. We would go explore old buildings and rooms, would find test tubes and old equipment in an old lab. Was awesome for a kid. This looks just as awesome!


Yeah, the Steel Mill blast furnace is brilliant. All the industrial ones are cool, especially the coal mines and nuclear plants.

Such a shame you get the scrappers and vandals. Scrappers you can understand, but vandals. Fuck them. As I said in another post, humans are essentially fuckwits.

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Sweet - that looks awesome - Subbed and will check it out properly later.

I watch similar amateurs on YT but usually things that I am aware of - For example, in the village down from us there is an abandoned military hospital that existed from WW2 - I watched a couple of guys explore that (and get caught lol).

Also, down the road in Sleaford there is a place called The Maltings (functioned exactly as you’d expect from that name) - but looks so scarily eerie when you go by on the train… looks like a crazy Victorian asylum or something

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Got me addicted now! Just watched the asylum with power! Awesome. Makes me want to go out and explore!! stupid lockdown.

We are watching a few every day during our lunch break. A few games we play:

  1. First one to spot a “Chilling chair”
  2. During the opening credits when they have their names intro’d, if someone says Bryan the other has to say Michael.

They do some of their own music as well.

This is the opening theme, actually really quite good:

I keep singing the guitar bit around the house. Wifey is getting bored of me.

Not subbed to any channels, however I do follow Forgotten Weapons (think most here know about Iain MacCallum) & Mark Felton Productions (short military history clips)

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Literally posted 35 mins ago, looks like a good one:

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Also, this guy

I know a small amount about music, and from that small knowledge, I think this guy knows a fuck-ton. If you agree or not, it’s interesting stuff.

The deconstruction of what I posted 10 mins ago is really good.

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For such a simple song, so much to hear

I fucking love Jack White

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Me again. If you like guitar, this is a must watch

Obvs this is the Seven Nation Army bit, but I have yet to find the whole thing as one.

I love the bit where Jimmy Page says “Is that right?” Yes mate, of course it fucking is.

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Dunno If this is a repeat or not?? But now defo following these guys.

Check out their Thundersruck video. I love the guiy who wears roadkill on his head… He turns up to play on a Grassmower in thunderstruck, and in Nothing Else Matters, he appears slowly in a row boat! I feel this should be trend going forward that he should appear in some sort of something